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Friday, 21 May 2010

New leadership urgently required!

Will Mr Griffin reply to Mr Butler's letter (see Eddy's blog at http://www.eddybutler.blogspot.com)?

What form will that reply take? Is it too much to hope that Mr Griffin will see that it is in the best interests of the British National Party as a whole that he should announce his intention to resign, and give an early date for this?

It probably is too much to hope for, and it seems likely that Mr Griffin will not choose to go quietly, and with dignity.

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  1. Mr Griffin has given many years of service to our party. I am sure that others wish, as I do, to thank him for the sacrifice he has made and the progress achieved thus far.
    With respect, it is time for him to step aside.

    As a 'parent' of our party, It may be difficult for mr Griffin to see this, but our party has now matured to the stage where it is needs...and must be allowed, autonomy.

    Nick will still able to contribute much and will be of great help in the transition stage.
    The Party has reached a point where it is necessary to devolve power and responsibility to a group of elected specialists.

    Eddy's candidature is a first step towards this.