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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I deeply sympathize

The British National Party's candidate for Mayor of London, Uruguayan immigrant Carlos Cortiglia, disowns his own campaign!

In an early move to protect his personal reputation, Senor Cortiglia has attempted to distance himself from the growing fiasco that is the BNP's campaign for the Greater London Authority elections in May.

Clearly embarrassed by the ineptitude of the party's regional organizer and lead candidate on its list for the London Assembly elections, Steve Squire, as well as by the lack of both money and activists for the Mayoral campaign, Carlos has said "Not me, Guv".

In an attempt to pass the buck to Nick Griffin where, truth be told, it should stop, Carlos has said that if anyone wants up to date information on the BNP's London election campaign, they should not ask him ("I know naathing") but should visit the main party web site instead.

London Patriot is a sympathizer’s site, not an official site

Posted on 23 February 2012 by Carlos Cortiglia.

For those of you who still do not know it, London Patriot is not an official British National Party site. It is a sympathizer’s site. I publish articles in London Patriot as I publish articles on other websites. If you wish to know about up-to-date details of the electoral campaign in London, the best source of information is the official British National Party site at www.bnp.org.uk that is regularly updated. London Patriot supports the electoral campaign but has little to do with the running of the official electoral campaign.

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  1. The new science of 'search hit polling' shows that Senor Cortiglia is right to be worried. At 1600 hours today the hits 'poll' showed that Boris would win with Ken second and poor Carlos in the dirt. Nowadays any candidate without a full team registering news and comments might as well not bother. The results today are typical of the average poll with Boris on 9580, Ken on 4950, Brian on 1850, Jenny on 830, Lawrence on 91 and Carlos on 79. Of the hits received by Carlos many mention the allegations of swinging, so, in fact, even if the BNP could generate search engine results they would do more harm than good at this stage. It's Boris for another four years and goodbye to the right wing parties in London.