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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Regrets, he's had a few

Adam Walker: turning Japanese?

Adam Walker is an unpatriotic disgrace. When he went to Japan a couple of years ago, representing the BNP at an international conference, he visited some swine of a shrine that was partly dedicated to the worst Japanese war criminals, who had been responsible for acts of sadistic cruelty against British servicemen during World War Two.

Not satisfied with that, Walker attempted to extenuate the bestial crimes of these oriental monsters by telling the media that "All sides in a war commit crimes" and that "They [viz, the war criminals] were doing what they believed to be their duty", or words to that effect. Typical Griffinite logic. Say anything to get yourself off the hook and the truth be damned.

I say we should have hanged many more of those sadistic swine at the end of the War than we actually did.

Walker deserves to languish in prison for the dishonour he brought on the memory of our brave lads of the Forgotten Army and the dishonour he has brought on the BNP, through this and his other crimes. He and Griffin should share a cell together.

"You too" is no defence

It is no defence to charges of crime and corruption against members of the BNP's leadership team for any of the party's members or supporters to point at the corrupt parties of the Establishment, Lib-Lab-Con, and to say "Look how many criminals they have in their ranks".

It matters not one iota whether these other parties have a greater or a lesser proportion of rotten apples in them than the BNP.

The point is that the BNP should be different, in the sense of holding itself to a much more rigorous code of ethics. The BNP should be so much better than these other parties that the question does not even arise, since the answer to it is so obvious.

But instead of this what do we find? We find the very worst elements within the party promoted to its most senior positions and allowed virtually to run amuck, the only stipulation demanded of them being blind obedience to Mr Griffin personally, rather than loyalty to the party as a whole.

It is amongst the party's most senior officers, to whom the grass roots and activists should be able to look for a good example to follow, that we find the worst behaviour within the party. And for this, of course, the party leader, Mr Griffin, is fairly and squarely to blame. He it is who appointed these men, grossly unsuitable as they are. He, it is who continues to attempt to defend the indefensible by keeping them in their positions and by doing so drags the name of the BNP ever more deeply through the mire.

While it is extremely damaging for any political party to have a senior officer convicted of a serious criminal offence, one that may well attract a custodial sentence, it is even more damaging for this to happen to a party which is sustained almost entirely by the patriotic idealism and selflessness of volunteers.

For those volunteers are voting with their feet and leaving the party in their droves, out of sheer disgust at Mr Griffin's gross mismanagement and proven incompetence for continued leadership. They are joining the nine-tenths of the party, including its best activists and most generous donors, who have already left over the last two years, in despair at Griffin's depredations.

These good people remain dedicated nationalists and only await the right appeal to their patriotic nature to rally to the cause again. But this time it must be to a party that is a worthy representative of that cause, rather than a grubby little get-rich-quick scheme for one man and his family.

New party now!

What will have changed if the new party is launched in the autumn? The answer is that much will have changed since the autumn of last year to improve the prospects of a new party's superseding the BNP. During those twelve months the BNP's membership and electoral fortunes have sunk progressively lower, to the point at which it has become clear to all, friend and foe alike, that it has no future as an effective political party. Its only future now is as a cash cow for Clan Griffin and even that is rapidly disappearing as its remaining members continue to desert it in droves.

Andrew Brons was quite right to have been cautious about founding a new party and to have deferred doing so until it became clear to everyone that there was absolutely no chance of the BNP either recovering, or of its leader being replaced, or of its being wound up by the courts, or de-registered by the Electoral Commission. Since last autumn the BNP has continued  to suffer a net loss of members on a monthly basis and has suffered the worst electoral humiliation in its history at the London Mayoral and Assembly elections in May. At the same time, neither the smaller nationalist and quasi-nationalist parties (the seven dwarfs), nor UKIP, have been able to exploit the BNP's decline in order to make any spectacular electoral progress themselves. This clearly demonstrates that there is a niche in the market and a sizeable one at that, for a new, broad church nationalist party, with the respectability that the BNP, NF and British Freedom lack and the ethno-nationalist platform that UKIP and the EDP lack.

The recent by-election in Kingston upon Thames in which the BNP candidate received 23 votes (1.1%) and was soundly beaten by both UKIP and the Greens, confirms that the BNP is not coming back. And yet all the evidence of survey data tells us that the BNP's policies themselves remain more popular than those of any other party. What is the explanation for this paradox? Griffin claims that the BNP performs better when Labour is in government than when it is in opposition. However, it should be remembered that the party won its first council seat (in 1993) when Labour was in opposition. The more important reason for the abysmal electoral performance of the party is Griffin's profound unpopularity, with both voters and the party's few remaining activists and members. About this he remains silent.

Our people and our country cannot afford us to eschew electoral politics for the next five years as some propose. The recent election results in France and in Greece show that the appetite for a nationalist alternative to the failed neo-liberal orthodoxy of the EU and the British Establishment is there. Our people are suffering and it is our duty to step up to the mark with a political solution and not to shrink from the necessary political struggle, whether that be with the traitors of the Establishment or with treacherous nationalist sell-outs like Griffin and his family business.

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