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Thursday, 28 February 2013

British Patriotic League founded

Britannica and Patria have jointly agreed to form an alliance of patriotic and unionist parties, to be called the British Patriotic League.

The aim of the League is to promote co-operation and goodwill between parties that uphold the union of the United Kingdom and embrace traditional British culture and values, both within the United Kingdom and overseas.

The League invites applications for affiliation (for which no fee is payable) from genuine patriotic, unionist and nationalist parties.

Charlie Baillie


Ian Johnson



  1. You only wnat u ity on your terms and would prefer to big fish in a small pond rather than joining the BDP and becomioing a small fish in a big pond.

    Do you have an EGO Dr Emerson ?

  2. What a silly comment, Silly Kuffar. You evidently feel the need to live up to your user name.

    I have no terms for unity and no hidden agenda. With Patria what you see is what you get.

    You should try that some time.

  3. You may well be right Dr. Emerson, but that is how it seems to people who are trying to achieve unity with the BDP.

  4. I am right, Mo.

    On whose behalf are you speaking? Your opinion is the opinion of one misguided individual, nothing more.

    Patria and Britannica have taken positive steps towards nationalist unity, but all you can do is to support personal attacks on me.

    That is no way to achieve the unity that you would have us believe you desire.

    As I have said before, on Patria's web site, www.patria-uk.org, Patria wishes each and every nationalist party well.

    What a pity you cannot say the same. If you could, then unity might begin to be more than merely a word to be bandied about on a web site.