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Monday, 9 August 2010

BNP news item removed from party web site

The news item to which I referred in my last but one post, on Saturday, 7 August, has been removed from the party web site. Could this be a tacit admission of its falsity, as regards the leadership's risible claim of  fairness in its conduct of the nomination process? Or has Mr Kemp had second thoughts about the wisdom of a public threat of further disciplinary action against the party's organizers and activists?

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  1. I am hoping Lee Barnes may read this, as there is no other simple way for an ordinary rank-and-file BNP member to contact him. As a member, I am appalled at what is happening, and I wish that Lee Barnes could somehow become Party Chairman. If Nick Griffin can be shown to be abusing his (elected) position, especially where expulsion of innocent members is concerned, is it not within the remit of British law, where associations with memberships are concerned, for a quorum of members to have him legally removed from his position and in his place elect a caretaker Chairperson who must guarantee to amend the nomination requirements to a more reasonable 4 or 5 names and to hold a proper chairmanship election within 12 months?