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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Griffin subverts constitution in bid to dodge contest

The flurry of unconstitutional letters of suspension recently issued to the best and bravest of the British National Party, namely those organizers and activists supporting Eddy Butler's leadership challenge, is a mark of the desperation of the rotten clique that is running, or rather, ruining the party - two of whom are not even members of the BNP.

I have a proposal for our national chairman: collect all of the unconstitutional and unlawful letters of suspension and hold a public bonfire of inanities, on the model of Savonarola's "bonfire of vanities".

Mr Griffin is behaving like Bad King John with his barons, or a pope of the early Reformation, issuing nugatory bulls of excommunication for heresy, from the Vatican, near Welshpool. Actually, "bull" is a very apt description of their contents, such as they are.

One has to marvel at the panic which induced such an otiose bureaucratic manoeuvre. Does Mr Griffin seriously believe that the genie of democratic dissent can be put back into the bottle by such methods? From their strange behaviour one might be forgiven for suspecting that Messrs Griffin and Dowson have something to hide from the members of the BNP.

Be sure your sin will find you out, Numbers 32:23 - as Rev West might say.

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  1. Unless Mr. Eddy Butler takes out an injunction against the party to ensure a clear leadership challenge the challenge is dead. How can Andrew Brons be the arbiter? Andrew is Mr. Griffin's close colleague and possibly subject to emotional or other pressure from Mr. Griffin. The Challenger should demand an impartial overseer perhaps from outside the party to regulate the contest and count the votes.
    The membership know nothing except for the propaganda they get from HQ and will vote en masse for Nick unless a proper democratic campaign is launched. To do that Griffen has to be forced to:
    1) properly, democratically and publically acknowledge that there is a challenge, and
    2) open the membership and the BNP facebook page to the challenger, give the challenger access to send official BNP party emails and arrange a public debate between him, Eddy and Richard Barnbrook.
    Only the law can remove Nick Griffin, whether it be by injunction to a fair challenge or getting nicked for misdeeds and so allowing the membership to undersrtand he is not the shining knight of Camelot most believe.