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Friday, 10 December 2010

Griffin denies reality of gas chambers

In this clip from the documentary series the Cook Report, in 1997, we see a much less well-fed Mr Griffin, telling the interviewer that "...thousands..." of Jews were killed in the Holocaust, rather than the millions every educated person knows were actually murdered.

Griffin also states that the gas chambers that were the main instrument of their murder did not exist. Again, the scientific, documentary, and eye-witness evidence that they did exist is overwhelming - for any normal individual. But then, Mr Griffin is hardly a normal person.

Can a party like the British National Party, the success of which is vital to the survival of the British nation, hope to win the trust and confidence of the mass of the electorate, while it is led by a man like Griffin?

I think we all know the answer to that one. Of course it can't; which is precisely why the Establishment is so determined that Griffin should remain the leader of the BNP. They know perfectly well that the party will go nowhere under his "leadership" and that suits them just fine.

To move to the next level the BNP needs a new leader. A leader without holocaust-denying baggage, who can reunite and re-launch the party.


  1. Why do you pick on Nick Griffins long ago so-called holocaust denial, whilst not saying a word about Richard Edmonds very recent support for convicted holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, you can watch him on you tube welcoming him on his release from prison along with other assorted Nazi CRANKS. Richard Edmonds close friends Lady Renouf etc, all confirmed rabid JEW HATERS. Your camp is riddled with so called holocaust deniers and you very well know it too.Emmerson you are a hypocrite.

  2. I am for free speech, which is not to say that I regard holocaust denial as either sensible or helpful to the cause of our people's fight for national survival.

    The crucial point is that holocaust denial disqualifies from leadership of any political party that hopes to win the trust and confidence of the electorate.

    Richard Edmonds is not the leader of the British National Party, nor is he likely to become its leader. Consequently, it is much less damaging to the party for him to be associated with holocaust denial than it is for the party's leader, Griffin, to be so associated.

    I hope that clarifies my position.