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Friday, 6 April 2012

BNP fields fewer than 150 candidates

Round-up of nationalist (and quasi-nationalist) party candidates in the English, Welsh and Scottish local elections* on 3 May 2012

4 BP = Britannica Party

6 BFP = British Freedom Party

128 BNP = British National Party

1 BPP = British People's Party

4 DN = Democratic Nationalists

1 EFP = England First Party

86 EDP = English Democrats

33 NF = National Front

East Midlands

Amber Valley BNP 5, NF 1

Daventry EDP 2

Derby BNP 3

Lincoln BNP 1

East of England

Basildon BFP 1, EDP 1, NF 1

Brentwood EDP 1

Epping Forest BNP 2, EDP 2

Maldon BNP 3

North Herts EDP 2

Rochford EDP 4

Peterborough EDP 1

Southend 10 EDP, NF 1

St Albans EDP 1

Three Rivers EDP 2

Thurrock NF 4, BNP 1

North East

Gateshead NF 1

Hartlepool BNP 1

Newcastle BNP 2

North Tyneside NF 1

South Tyneside BNP 8

Sunderland NF 1

North West

Bolton  EDP 3, BNP 1

Blackburn BNP 2

Burnley BNP 6

Bury EDP 2

Carlisle BNP 1

Knowsley NF 1

Liverpool BFP 5, EDP 5, BNP 2

Pendle BNP 4, EDP 1, DN 1

Preston EFP 1

Rochdale NF 1, EDP 1

Rossendale NF 1

Salford BNP 8

Stockport BNP 7

Tameside EDP 3, BNP 2

Wigan BNP 5

Wirral BNP 1

South East

Crawley BNP 1

Eastleigh EDP 2

Gosport BNP 1

Hastings BNP 2

Maidstone NF 1

South West


West Midlands

Birmingham BNP 18, NF 4, EDP 1

Cannock Chase BNP 1

Coventry BNP 11

Nuneaton BNP 8, EDP 1

Sandwell BNP 2 NF 1

Solihull EDP 5, BNP 1

Walsall EDP 3, BNP 2

Wolverhampton BNP 3


Barnsley EDP 12, BNP 4

Bradford DN 2, BNP 1

Calderdale BPP 1

Doncaster EDP 7, DN 1

Hull NF 4

Kirklees EDP 1

Leeds EDP 11, BNP 1

Rotherham BNP 5

Sheffield EDP 1

Wakefield EDP 1


Aberdeen NF 6

Glasgow BP 4

West Lothian NF 2


Blaenau Gwent BNP 1

Bridgend NF 1

Swansea NF 1

Wrexham BNP 1

* Greater London excluded: see Wikipedia article on mayoral and London Assembly elections for details of parties and candidates.

Source: Hope not hate [sic]


  1. You missed out Birmingham

  2. Silly Kuffar said

    The Battle For Britain funds raised have never been seen in the accounts, and where has the money from the Trafalgar club gone? We must hope that the BNP vote collapses, due to Griffin and his cabal which is full of druggies, perverts, sycophants, loonys and those who are only in it for the money.

    Clive Jefferson asked a certain person in the North West "If the BNP closes down what will I do for a job?" So Jefferson is only interested in keeping his job and salary and treats long term, intelligent BNP candidates like dirt. He is unable to answer tricky questions, even at BNP meetings and stormed out of Wigan BNP's meeting, as he needed to hide his embarrassment at not being clever enough.

    Jefferson carries out whatever the Gri££ter tells him to do. Clive, you are more suited to being a doorman again, as you don't have a ******* clue about how the party is supposed to behave in public and at meetings. If you are ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY you are no better than the UAF, or the undercover STATE AGENT ***** *****, as he is the ****** ****** of the BNP, but also an undercover STATE AGENT who, along with ******, are doing a fantastic job.

    The UAF and the unions could never bring us down to this level. Has anyone seen the real accounts yet? How come in 2008/9 we attended the Battle For Britain fundraiser and quite a lot of the money raised is now missing, along with the millions Dowson raised? We in Wigan never received any financial help from the party and we know of many, many more groups and branches that did not receive funds to implement their tactics and had to use money raised at local branch meetings.

    So Nick, WHERE HAS THE ******* MONEY GONE?