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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Publicly funded political indoctrination

Dear All, feel free to publish the correspondence below.

You may be interested in this correspondence that has arisen as a result of my standing in the current London GLA election.

David Landau, of the Redbridge Equalities and Community Council - no less - is inviting all those candidates standing in the Borough of Redbridge in the current GLA election, publicly to condemn "Hatred" and "discrimination based on gender identity; race, skin colour, etc., etc., etc." All those candidates who refuse to endorse his condemnation of "Hatred" and "Discrimination", etc, etc, Mr David Landau threatens publicly to name and - presumably, 'shame'. In anticipation of this publicity, I have sent a copy of my letter to all the local media in the London Borough of Redbridge, together with my election leaflet, Tess's election leaflet, and her superb "Racism" - a word invented by the communist Leon Trotsky - leaflet. We will see what happens.


Letter from Richard Edmonds

date: 4th April, 2012

to: Mr David Landau, Senior Caseworker/ Project Co-ordinator

Redbridge Equalities and Community Council

Dear Sir

In your letter to me of the 2nd April, 2012, you invite me to condemn “hatred” and “discrimination”.

Now “hatred” can under some circumstances be absolutely, indeed vitally, justified. Hatred and Love can be opposite sides of the same coin: as somebody loves, so they would hate - and in equal measure - to see the object of their love in danger. This is the emotion that galvanizes a mother, when she sees her child in danger, of running into the road, for example: clearly she would hate to see her child injured.

As for “discrimination”: discrimination is the very essence of life, for example, when we choose our friends.

As for “Equality”: Yes, all men are equal in the eyes of God; and all men are equal, or should be, before the Law. However the political process that introduced the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, which I note funds your organization, introduced a monstrous thing into our civic life. I refer to their definition of a “Hate Crime”:

“A hate crime or incident is ANY behaviour that SOMEONE believes was caused by hostility, prejudice or hatred of disability; gender identity; race, skin colour, nationality, ethnicity or heritage; religion, faith or belief; or sexual orientation.” (My emphasis).

So by this definition, a “hate crime" “is ANY behaviour that SOMEONE believes...". On one level, this definition is meaningless: it could cover literally anything. On another level, it is a wicked, open invitation to ANYBODY to denounce ANYBODY ELSE.

Given that your Compact and your Declaration are redolent of, and indeed clearly based on, the definition of a “Hate Crime” that is promoted by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, I hereby decline my support.


Richard Edmonds, National Front candidate, Havering & Redbridge

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