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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Introducing Nationalist Unity

Introducing the Nationalist Unity Forum

Posted by admin02, on 13 March, 2012, to the Forum  

By Andrew Brons MEP

This website has had an unplanned and unpredictable history. It came into being for one purpose only: to be a redirection point leading to my MEP website.

Until about April 2011 there was a link between the main BNP website and the website containing details of my work as an MEP. Any visitor to the BNP website would have been invited to follow the link and visit my MEP website.

In April 2011 this link was severed by those controlling the BNP website; I had become a non-person. The link was restored during the leadership election but cut again shortly afterwards.

Our objective was for those who simply googled ‘BNP’ or ‘British National Party’ to find links, not only to the official BNP website but also to the BNP Ideas website, which would have a prominent link to my newly-orphaned MEP website.

As a re-direction point, it could not stand simply empty of content, so it was ‘filled’ with articles from the last (unpublished) issue of Identity magazine.

When they had been read, we found that we had attracted a steady flow of contributions from the Party’s best writers. BNP Ideas had indeed earned the ‘Ideas’ title that had originally been chosen simply because it was one of the few BNP domain names available to us.

During the leadership campaign, the official website scarcely paid lip service to its proper role of neutrality and became the factional tool of the Griffin campaign.

In particular it hosted his unconstitutional ‘extra’ 50 point attack on me and his unauthorised second leadership video.

BNP Ideas served to point out the misbehaviour of the Griffin Gang and its controllers of the official website but without being used as an unauthorised purveyor of ‘Vote for Brons’ messages.

Since the leadership election the Nationalist diaspora has gone into top gear and important activists have left to join the National Front and the English Democratic Party, supplementing those who had already joined the British Freedom Party (and its break-away group) and Britain First.

Of course, quite as many have left to join the None-of-the-Above-Party and dropped out altogether.

We realised that to form yet another fragment of the BNP, by establishing yet another micro-party, would serve to reinforce division rather than encourage reunification.

Our task would be to act as a catalyst for reunification by organising events that would bring BNP refugees clinging to other parties back in contact with each other.

If a new party had to be formed eventually it would have to follow a process of reunification, rather preceding it.

That process of reunification needed a website and BNP Ideas fulfilled that role.

However, the title might be appropriate for me, who remains a member (though a somewhat estranged member described as ‘vermin’ by the current Chairman).

It is highly inappropriate for those who have left to join or create some other party. The circumstances demanded a new name and Nationalist Unity Forum was chosen.

* This website encourages all genuine nationalists to submit articles for publication. Please refrain from attacking other parties, and instead focus on political issues of the day, and how your party/organisation would go about solving them.

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