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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Searchlight and the Competition

The new Hope not hate [sic] 'anti-fascist', bi-monthly magazine
It would appear that all is not sweetness and light in the ranks of so-called anti-fascism.

Last month the serial anthology of fiction known as Searchlight magazine failed to appear, under threat of legal action. This month's issue carries one article criticizing censorship of free speech and another, written by convicted thief Gerry Gable, celebrating just such a censorship in the abandonment of the speaking engagement, at London's School of Oriental and African Studies, of a lawyer who had the temerity to defend Holocaust deniers' right of free speech. The reason for the apparent discrepancy in Searchlight's editorial line is, of course, that free speech is fine until it appears to threaten the interests of the Jewish nation, which for some strange reason Holocaust denial is regarded as doing. It then becomes 'a bad thing'.

While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with a Jew standing up for what he (mistakenly) sees as the Jewish national interest, it is hypocritical of that same Jewish nationalist to condemn as 'fascists' those Britons who speak out in support of their own national interest.

Sonia Gable, meanwhile, insinuates that her erstwhile colleagues, who now run the rival Hope not hate magazine, are lazy and not up to the job of exposing the nasty 'fascists' in the thoroughly professional way that has always been the hallmark (cough, cough) of herself and her husband.

"This is the genuine Searchlight, beware of imitations", says Mr Gable. Hmm, he sounds worried.

What do I think of the new magazine? Well, I can only judge it by its on-line version, since Borders went out of business, as I object to paying good money to read anti-English propaganda. However, its comic-style cover seems to match its juvenile contents rather well. Is that Nick Lowles cleaning the windows above the All Nations Cafe? If so, someone should certainly have a word with him about showing due regard for health and safety concerns. After all, if he were to fall out of that window the chances are that he would land on an ethnic alien.

On the political level the Searchlight - Hope not hate split signals the growing power, within the Labour movement, as within society as a whole, of the Muslim interest. What we see is a competition for political influence between rival ethno-religious minorities, both of which are inimical to the shrinking ethnic majority, and both of which cynically denounce as 'fascism' any attempt to defend the interests of the host nation, the English.

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  1. Interesting insight on the shenanigans at Searchlight/Hope not Hate, Andrew!

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