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Friday, 9 March 2012

Positive Griffinism: working hard to dehumanize nationalists

Why has Griffin not pulled the plug on the vile attack blog, London Nationalists Chinwag? Presumably he approves of its obscene and degraded contents, or he would at least have publicly denounced it, thereby distancing both himself and the British National Party from it.

By remaining silent on the matter Griffin has connived at its foulness and wallowed like a pig in the excrement which is his natural element. More importantly, he has also brought our party into disrepute and clearly demonstrated that he is utterly unfit to be the leader of decent, upright nationalists. The European 'parliament', on the other hand, is a most fitting feeding stall for him.

Should Griffin try to insult our intelligence (yet again) by pleading ignorance of the Chinwag blog, then he is too stupid to be the leader of the BNP.

The Griffin-approved site, London Nationalists Chinwag, is an example of positive Griffinism: working hard to prove the 'anti-fascists' right in what they say about nationalists.

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