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Thursday, 9 September 2010

More from that Griffin classic, Attempted Murder

"Below: Petty cash book pages kept by Anderson over the period of the counter cheque. Income is on the left. There is no record of £300 taken from the bank. Incompetance or fraud? Wingfield, Brons and Co. did not care.

"At about this time, Anderson told Denny that he had been arrested driving drunk down the Barking Road at 70 m.p.h. He had also ignored several red traffic lights. Denny was living with him at the time and told Pearce that Anderson was so depressed and unstable that he thought that he had probably been trying to kill himself."

"Incompetance": Griffin's poor spelling...or something more sinister?

It should be evident that Mr Griffin had no scruples about bringing the National Front into disrepute by hawking this tittle-tattle around to anyone who would take the trouble to read it.

Being top dog in this tiny organization (it would become smaller still once he became its chairman) was demonstrably more important to him than maintaining party unity, and campaigning for the survival of our people.

Mr Griffin never changes does he?

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