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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Statement from Griffin's former colleagues in the International Third Position

"Despite the fact that Mr Griffin has launched some truly vile accusations against the leadership and activists of the ITP - accusations both personal and political in nature - we have never responded. However, we would like to take this opportunity to indicate the kind of  'managerial flair' and 'financial astuteness' that Mr Griffin would have us all believe he possesses, and which were really the fundamental cause of his separation from the ITP.

"In 1990 it was decided by the ITP to buy in printing equipment, so as to enhance our political independence and to provide the beginnings of an economic base for the movement. This was our first major step in the Counter-Power strategy. Mr Griffin was, unfortunately, put in charge.

"He promptly found the only alcoholic, suspect-homosexual vendor of printing equipment in the country. He paid down many thousands of pounds of another nationalist's money for a set-up that we were told would be ample for our needs. Four or five months after the money had been paid down, we still had not received the equipment. It was only through the perseverance of other leaders that we tracked down the shyster businessman who had been paid for it and forced a delivery. The upshot, however, was that Mr Griffin had outlaid a huge sum for what can only be described as junk. Of course, by this time Mr Griffin had lost interest in this particular venture and was moving on to other 'get-rich-quick' schemes. This event, coupled with too many others of a similar, if less serious, nature, led Mr Griffin to be kept wholly out of anything connected with money."

Statement from ITP of August 20th 1999 (submitted to and published in Spearhead, September 1999).

This sounds familiar, does it not? Magnify the scale and we have the £600,000 debt which is crippling the British National Party. Some people are just no good with money - and never change.

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