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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose

"However much people might have respected Brons or Wingfield in the past, it was clear that this ridiculous and disruptive attitude left the new leadership with no alternative but to seek their expulsion. A powerful political organisation can only be built on discipline and respect for the authority of its constitution. But because the decision had not gone in favour of Wingfield and his clique, they now deliberately set out to undermine the constitution and the authority of the properly elected leadership. Such a breach of discipline had to be dealt with firmly to avoid a slide into anarchy.

"The plotters were also sacked from the other positions they had misused, including the editorship of Party publications. After these decisions had been made, the reactionary minority walked out of the meeting, which was then able to get down to constructive work. When Wakeling heard the news he resigned from the Party, but several of the lesser plotters, including Brady, reacted by making conciliatory gestures to the victors in the hope of eventual forgiveness. They left it too late."

The two foregoing paragraphs are an extract from Mr Griffin's 1986 pamphlet, Attempted Murder. It's worth a read for those who wish to understand how the British National Party came to be in its present sorry plight.

Mr Griffin, the author of Attempted Murder, has some very uncharitable things to say about certain individuals whom today he works alongside as ostensibly highly valued and respected senior colleagues. Was he wrong about them then, and is he right now? Or was he right then and wrong now? You decide. Mr Griffin himself seems to have changed remarkably little. Like the Bourbon kings of ancien regime France, he has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. Note Mr Griffin's lack of magnanimity towards members of the ousted faction who sought to make a conciliatory gesture. What an unpleasant man Mr Griffin is!

By their fruits shall ye know them, he recently opines. Well, what are we to make of the trail of havoc Mr Griffin leaves in his wake? Did the National Front go on to save the country, following Mr Griffin's unconstitutional and unlawful seizure of power in the 1980s? Alas, it did not. How could it, under the leadership of a Nick Griffin?

Mr Griffin, the master of the botched, the bungled and the bizarre, has now done almost exactly what he did to the National Front in the 1980s to the BNP. That is to say, he has split the party down the middle - effectively neutralizing it as a political force. Cui bono: to whom is the benefit of this? Who else but the traitorous Establishment of this country, and their foreign clients and paymasters?

Why has Mr Griffin done this shameful thing? By their fruits judge ye them.

Let's examine Mr Griffin's background a little more shall we?

Mr Griffin attended Cambridge University. Cambridge University was where the homosexual spies and traitors Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Blunt et al, studied. It was, and probably still is, the favourite recruiting ground of the Security Service, otherwise known as MI5, and hence also of the former KGB, now the SVR.

Mr Griffin's father is, one understands, a senior freemason, a member of the secret society that includes in its brotherhood many senior members of the Establishment, including the police, and doubtless also the secret service. I should like to know whether Mr Nick Griffin is now, or has ever been, a freemason. Perhaps the sphinx-like Nick Griffin will be so good as to oblige me with an honest answer to this honest question.

Following the rapid demise of the National Front under Mr Griffin's chairmanship in the 1980's, he dallied briefly with an organization glorying in the name of the International Third Position, before seemingly giving up politics as a bad job (or no doubt a job well done, in the eyes of the Establishment) and trying his hand as a property speculator - an odd choice of career for this failed 'revolutionary' nationalist. One wonders where he obtained the money to engage in such speculation. Be that as it may, this venture too turned out badly for Mr Griffin (or should that be for his creditors), ending in the public discredit of Carey Street - in other words, in bankruptcy.

Early on in his involvement with the National Front, Mr Griffin became intimately acquainted with its national activities organizer, Martin Webster. Is this not exactly the kind of behaviour which Mr Griffin warns us to beware of in others, in his piece, "Sex, Manipulation, Lies, etc"? It's a pity Mr Webster didn't have a little of Mr Griffin's suspicious nature himself. It might have warned him before it was too late.

Mr Griffin is clearly a paid agent of the state, in that as an MEP he is a political officer of the crown, and receives a very generous salary, and expenses, for undertaking the duties of this post. He has never had a proper job in his life. Being a first class passenger on the Brussels' gravy train scarcely counts, nor for that matter does being the autocratic and capricious leader of a small political party like the BNP.

Is he a paid agent of the state in a more sinister sense, as well? The jury is still out on that one. However, there does appear to be some circumstantial evidence against Mr Griffin, and "some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk" (Thoreau).

Perhaps we shall have to await the publication of Mr Griffin's memoirs for the truth. Will the BNP be merely a footnote in the history books by then? Will Mr Griffin, the Abominable Showman, follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair, and go on the lucrative celebrity lecture circuit, finally owning himself to be the cynical puppet-master, and the betrayer, of ethno-nationalism?

You like to point the finger of suspicion at others, Mr Griffin, who have merely sought to exercise their constitutional right. You fail to realize that it points at you more than at anyone.

Tu quoque, Caesar.

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