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Monday, 6 September 2010

Statement by Martin Webster

Gri££in updates his "Attempted Murder" farrago of 1986

Hello, everybody!

Nick Gri££in, Chairman of the British National Party, has updated his 1986 classic.....


– The State / Reactionary Plot Against the National Front’

(regarded by many as the definitive exhibition of political paranoia)

......with a new diatribe of paranoid delusion and self-justification entitled:


– Real Life Studies of Anti-Nationalist Dirty Tricks’

This latest opus is designed to convince naïve newcomers to the nationalist movement in Britain that the blame for the British National Party turning into a political, financial and legal train wreck is not his – even though he has had personal dictatorial control over all aspects of the party’s operation for ten years.

Oh no!

The blame for the catastrophe must be imposed on the Satanic conspiracies of Sonia Gable of Searchlight (who, I am sorry to say, comments accurately on his financial shenanigans) and any number of un-named infiltrators from State security agencies who, working in tandem, were behind such “plots” as to try and prompt an election this August for the leadership of the BNP as provided for (just about) in the party’s constitution.

Just how evil can these conspirators get?

I will not run out the text of Sex, Manipulation, Lies and Subversion here as it is a very long text. I won’t say more about as I don’t want to put people off reading it. I want people to read it at least once so that they can compare it with the contents of his 1986 work Attempted Murder. In fact, I ask everybody to read Attempted Murder first.

Attempted Murder, published as a booklet by a faction of the crumbling National Front in 1986, can be seen at:


Sex, Manipulation, Lies and Subversion, published on the BNP web site last Saturday, can be seen at:


To those able to persevere with a reading of both documents will be struck by their essential similarity.

In 1983 Gri££in, with the support of Andrew Brons, Ian Anderson, Joe Pearce and sundry other members of the NF’s National Directorate seized control of the party by means which, months later, a High Court Judge described as “....unconstitutional....illegal....disgraceful....” This ruling and various court injunctions in my favour were given too late to rescue the NF from ruination.

By 1986 the NF was riven with factional warfare. There were bloody street fights between them. The faction which Gri££in ran (motto: “Long Live Death!” – I kid you not) had control of the party’s Head Office and its administrative and financial affairs became a shambles. Cheque payments for supplies of books and leaflets were cashed but the goods not despatched was just one of myriad complaints, most of which focused on money.

In an attempt the fend off the crisis brought about by his and his associates’ maladministration and dishonesty he brought out the booklet Attempted Murder in order to try and demonstrate that the party was the victim of a conspiracy by (among others!) State security agencies and the Post Office....and, of course, members of the faction which opposed his little crew of International Third Position nut-cases led by the Italian crook Roberto Fiore, (with whom Gri££in and his family are still in business relationships which involve the importation of Afro-Asian “students” into Britain!)

This inane – insane – propaganda ploy failed and within another year or so the NF finally succumbed to all that the loonies had inflicted on it, and died. The group which nowadays parades about using the name “National Front” is not a legitimate continuance of the original party and has policies and a constitution considerably different from the original party.

I will not attempt to summarise Attempted Murder beyond what I have said above, other than to ask those who read it to look out for Gri££in’s vituperations against his then factional opponents, and then reflect on how many of these “poisonous subversives” of 1986 are now “valued close colleagues” of 2010! (See what Gri££in has to say about his current best mate Martin Wingfield, for example!)

Having read Attempted Murder, and come up for air, you should then turn to Gri££in’s August 2010 screed Sex, Manipulation, Lies and Subversion. You will find yourself of familiar ground.

The BNP is crumbling politically, administratively, financially and legally as a result of his decade long maladministration. The keys to the collapse are improper and dishonest maladministration of the party’s financial affairs and cowardice and surrender in the face of the legal challenge by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

What is Gri££in’s response to the situation – other than to send out almost daily begging letters and e-mails to people who have already given till it hurts?

His response is to devise a long turgid text designed to show that all the trouble the party faces is not down to him, the dictator of the party since 1999, but down to the machinations of Sonia Gable, State security agents and senior members of the party who have either infiltrated the party as enemies from the outset, or who have been suborned.

How Gri££in has had the time to churn out such self-serving paranoid drivel when his party is facing crisis on a number of fronts, all of which require the attention of a proper leader, is proof enough of this man’s lack of balance and sense of proportion.

The time is soon coming when the men with the flapping white coats and a secure van will be calling at a certain farmhouse in Wales. Will they precede the bailiffs?

Martin Webster.

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