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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Where has all the money gone?

Mr Griffin has questions to answer regarding his stewardship of the British National Party's finances. He is the party's chief executive authority as well as its leader, and the buck stops with him.

Ken Booth, the former NE regional organizer, who was sacked for demanding answers to questions about the party's finances says "No one is accusing anyone of stealing money, it's just mismanagement" but how does he know "...it's just mismanagement"?

The answer is he doesn't know, any more than any one of the thousands of ordinary members of the BNP, where the monies they paid in subscriptions and donations have gone.

Millions of pounds have been raised by party head office over the last two years, and yet the party is currently in debt to the tune of half a million pounds. Was much of this spent on the general election campaign? No, the general election campaign was almost entirely financed by branch funds. The European election campaign, then? Again, no, only about a quarter of a million pounds was spent on that.

The sums simply do not add up.

The point to consider is this. If there has been fraudulent conversion on a grand scale, and Mr Griffin were involved, then he would need to have behaved in exactly the way in which he has actually behaved over the last five months in order to cover it up.

Mr Griffin's modus operandi (way of working) of secrecy and oppression is exactly that which would be used by a man with a terrible secret that he needed to keep hidden at all costs.

Why is the Electoral Commission still waiting for the party's 2009 accounts, which are now more than three months overdue?

Why have the 2008 accounts not yet been published on the party web site for members to inspect?

Why has the interim report of the Financial Scrutiny Committee, the members of which (well meaning amateurs, not professional auditors) were hand-picked by Mr Griffin, which has already been submitted to him, not been published in full on the party web site?

All of this circumstantial evidence of wrongdoing by Mr Griffin leads to one inescapable conclusion: Mr Griffin is either a knave or a fool.

I have never thought he was a fool. A charmless, self-seeking mountebank, certainly, but not a fool.

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