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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Statement by Leadership Reform, the management committee of BNP Reform

Seven loyal and hard-working members of the British National Party have been unjustly expelled from the party since Eddy Butler announced his candidature for national chairman of the BNP.

They are: Richard Barnbrook, Simon Bennett, Mark Collett, James Fitton, Peter Mullins, Colin Poulter, and Peter Stafford.

A further nineteen members have been, and remain, suspended. One member has had his suspension lifted.

In view of the fact that the disputes and disciplinary procedure of the BNP is now notoriously corrupt, and has been abused by the party leadership, it is resolved that:-

1) every member who has been either suspended or expelled since 1 June 2010 should demand their constitutional right to a disciplinary tribunal without further delay.

2) if any penalty is imposed on any of the aforementioned members by a disciplinary tribunal, whether this be expulsion, proscription, or any lesser penalty, such penalty is to be deemed null and void for corruption. Any member so disciplined will continue to be entitled to exercise every right of party membership, and supporters of BNP Reform shall continue to co-operate and associate with them as if no penalty had been imposed.

3) the next leader of the party shall be expected retrospectively to annul the penalties corruptly imposed since 1 June 2010 by the current leadership of the party, as their first official act on taking office.

LEX INJUSTA NON EST LEX: an unjust law is not a law.


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