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Friday, 1 October 2010

Where's my Identity?

Where's my Identity?

No, this is not a plaintive cry of existential angst from the best and bravest of the British National Party as they are purged by the deranged tyrant, and party wrecker, Griffin.

No, this is a straightforward question many BNP members must be whispering to each other, since the third (or is it the second?) issue of this quarterly magazine of the party is long overdue.

Perhaps its editor, veteran nationalist John Bean can enlighten us.

Surely with all the millions raised by Mr Dowson from the party's trusting donors the BNP can afford to publish it. But then again perhaps it is the cost of the postage and packing that is the problem. Could not Clan Griffin and Clan Dowson both have a whip-round amongst THEIR members, and raise the wherewithal for the cost of the postage? It would seem only fair, since both families have done so very well financially out of the poor, debt-ridden, BNP.

"BNP Magazine: Identity

"Identity is the quarterly magazine of the British National Party. It is packed with articles, news and ideological discussion. Fill out the form below to subscribe:

"PLEASE NOTE: Identity is free to all BNP members as part of their membership package."

The foregoing is an extract from Identity's blurb on the BNP web site, http://www.bnp.org.uk/.

Readers will note that it clearly states that "Identity is free to all BNP members as part of their membership package".

Now this raises an interesting question: if the party cannot afford both to publish and post four issues of the magazine to its members during 2010, having taken their annual subscriptions on the understanding that they would receive a "free" copy each quarter, what does it, or more accurately its 'leadership' propose to do about it?

Surely the only right, the only ethical, course of action is to return to each of the party's ten thousand or so members, that proportion of their membership subscription which is attributable to the receipt of two (or is it three?) copies of the quarterly magazine.

Since this is the only ethical course of action it stands to reason that Mr Griffin is most unlikely to follow it. From his misconduct one may easily infer that he believes Ethics to be one of the Home Counties.

Anyway, what a brilliant idea it was of Mr Dowson's: to change Identity from a subscription journal to a free give-away to BNP members, "as part of their membership package". I wonder how many new members the party recruited on the promise of four "free", fun-filled issues of Identity "packed with...ideological discussion"?

Hats off to the wee man! Oh, and hats off to the tin-god Griffin for accepting his truly inspired proposal. Your man's an "industry expert", and no mistake!

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