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Friday, 4 May 2012

Chopin's funeral march

In times of national emergency, or great tragedy, normal service on media such as TV and radio is often interrupted and replaced by funereal music and images of the natural environment.

I see that Griffin has already thrown in the towel by posting a verbose and self-seeking gloss on the dire results achieved by the British National Party in yesterday's elections.

What one needs constantly to bear in mind is that nothing is ever his fault and that under the circumstances no-one else could have done any better. These are the twin articles of faith which make up the liturgy of the Cult of Nick, which used to be a political party.

Lest anyone be taken in by Griffin's claim that every party has suffered a net loss of seats, due to a resurgent Labour Party, it should be pointed out that this is false. Both the Greens and Respect made net gains in the elections. Both are small parties, like the BNP. The difference being, not that their policies are more popular than those of the BNP (they're not), but that they are led more intelligently and their leaders and candidates more credibly convey an impression of reasonableness and general competence.

As for the other nationalist and quasi-nationalist parties, whose leaders fondly dream of overtaking the BNP, they have also been roundly rejected by the voters. Notwithstanding the unpromising quality of these would- be rivals, however, their mere existence is enough to give Griffin sleepless nights. Any opposition sends the man into a frenzy. One can almost imagine him screaming hysterically at his hapless flunkeys "Don't you understand? They're trying to take my job away from me!"

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