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Friday, 25 May 2012

Whither away or wither away?

North East Patriots Meeting

Date: Sunday, 27th May, 2012

Time: Doors open 12.30 for a 1.00 pm start and should conclude around 4.30 pm.

Venue: Phone for re-direction point.

Speakers: Andrew Brons, Richard Edmonds and others.

There will be a discussion on the Nationalist election results and the future prospects for Nationalism.

There will also be an open mic/floor session for anyone to raise points, ideas, suggestions or ask any questions.

Bar - Buffet – Raffle

Note: North East Patriots is a Patriotic Forum intended to keep like-minded people together, informed and talking, regardless of membership status with any particular party.

For more information call: 07954 434173


  1. Hello Anglo

    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    I read your article shortly after it was published on the BR site. It's an interesting read and you make some good points. However, I cannot agree with a balkanization of Britain as any kind of a viable long-term solution to the major problem facing our people.

    Though it might be feasible in, say, the United States or South Africa, it would not be practicable here. Our island is too small to be divided in such a way and in any case one has to ask the question: why should we give up a single square foot of our homeland?

    Thank you for commenting. I hope you will continue to support Andrew Brons and join the new party when it is founded later in the year.

  2. Did anyone who attended record the speeches? I would be interested to hear the rationale behind starting yet another Nationalist party, given that we already have many to choose from. We are already splintered enough, it's time to start bringing Nationalists of good character back together under one banner.

    My response to AngloPyramidologist is that an ideology which says that different groups should live apart and by different laws, is not going to motivate them to unite behind one party seeking to govern one country with one system of law.

  3. The plethora of nationalist micro-parties reminds me of something the late Jonathan Bowden once said in the course of a speech. It was such an apt and pithy comment that I've never forgotten it. It was in relation to the numerous TV channels now available, in marked contrast to the past, when there were only two or three.

    Jonathan said "130 channels and nothing to watch".

    The same could be said in respect of the quality of what is on offer from the numerous nationalist micro-parties. Certainly the vast majority of those thousands of members who left the BNP over the last two years have no time for what is currently on offer.

    This is why a new, broad church, nationalist party is needed. With a genuinely democratic constitution and a collective leadership, chaired by the high-profile MEP, Andrew Brons, it will exercise the gravitational pull necessary to unite the vast majority of nationalists within a single party.

    So, in this instance, far from one more new party being a force for disunion, it will actually be a force for reunion.

  4. Have I got it wrong? A new Party from British Resistance and yet another one from 'high profile' Andrew Brons?
    We are spoilt for choice, aren't we ?
    Bert Leech

  5. Quite frankly, I would not be surprised if you had got it wrong.

    The BR site has recently announced that it will shortly be shutting up shop.

    However, the new broad church party that I anticipate Andrew Brons will found in the autumn is alive and kicking, though it has yet to be born.

    Everything comes to he who waits.