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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Expelled again! And they really mean it this time!

Dr. Emerson,

It has become evident the last few months that you are continuing along the same lines for which you got expelled and proscribed in January 2011. You have also let down your County Organiser Cllr John Robinson in not attending meetings at which you agreed to speak.

Due to your continued false and unsubstantiated accusations against the Party Chairman ( Mr Nick Griffin) and his staff, you have left this Party with no option other than to expel you from the Party membership with immediate effect. Your reinstatement of May 2011 is rescinded and your Party membership is terminated immediately.

Our Chairman, Nick Griffin was approached by you this month last year, at a time when the then SE Regional Organiser had left as had the SE Regional Secretary. The timing of your ‘application’ was perfect for you as all the paperwork concerning your last expulsion had been retained by the outgoing SE Organiser, Andrew McBride. As Mr Griffin had no file on your previous history, he allowed your application for reinstatement.

Our SE Regional Secretary, Lynne Mozar returned to the Party after 5 weeks and brought with her all the relevant paperwork on your expulsion, proscription and subsequent absence from the Appeal. It is with these papers in hand (of which you had received copies in 2010 and 2011) and bearing in mind your behaviour and attitude towards the British National Party, that this expulsion goes ahead without Appeal.

You are now reminded that you shall be in breach of the Data Protection Act should you contact Party members in an attempt to further damage this Party by the continued spreading of malicious and unfounded lies.

This party will seek legal actions against any persons using party data without authorisation or make false accusations against party officials. It is clear to all in the British National Party that it was your main intention to bring the Party Chairman and his management team into disrepute with the membership. This is why you made the effort to re-join last year. The British National Party have a responsibility to protect their members from malicious assaults and disruptive influences such as those you have applied within your blogs and emails.

You are hereby notified that you are now noted as a "proscribed" person and any further efforts you make to approach this Party or appeal will be ignored. The Membership Department will be duly notified of this. Your official history is that you were Suspended July 2010 and Proscribed and Expelled 12th January 2011. You were accepted back last year and renewed your Membership 9th January 2012. Standard Membership. You have been Expelled and Proscribed ........May 2012. This decision is final.

Nick Prince. SE Regional Organiser

Lynne Mozar. Deputy SE Regional Organiser


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