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Monday, 26 July 2010

Act now to save the party!

The time for talking is over.

The time for action has arrived.

Under Griffin's appalling regime (one can hardly call it leadership) the BNP is sinking fast. The party is losing the light as Griffin's chickens come home to roost. The party cannot meet its debts, morale is at rock bottom, as are the few election results (few, because no BNP candidate = no BNP result). Meanwhile the debts keep mounting, as does the desperation of Griffin's underlings, at the tsunami of support for Eddy Butler's campaign for renewal and reform.

To do nothing is a 'cop out'. To save the BNP: sign and return Eddy's own white nomination form, to him, well before the 10 August deadline; and also sign, witness, and return the unconstitutional yellow nomination form, making clear your choice of Eddy as nominee, to Andrew Brons MEP, the scrutineer.

There are only two real choices: Eddy Butler, and a future for our party; OR any other candidate, including Griffin, and imminent financial collapse.

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