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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wake up and smell the Java

Many BNP members may be surprised to learn that there is a leadership challenge. Although this is common knowledge amongst the party's activists, some Griffinite organizers are desperately trying to keep their local members in the dark about the latest party news.

I know of several units, many of whose members are not aware of the problems within the party, and whose organizer is still Griffinite. Unfortunately, many elderly members still have very limited access to the internet, through which they could find more democratic sources of information.

If you know of any fellow BNP members who are not yet aware of the party's leadership election, or its imminent financial insolvency, it is your duty to inform them. I also entreat you to download a hard copy of Eddy Butler's nomination form, and obtain as many signatures as possible of 24 month+ members, or alternatively, simply sign it yourself, and return it to the Waltham Cross PO box, as stated on the form, ensuring that it arrives well before 10 August deadline.

Signing this form does not mean that you will necessarily vote for Eddy, it merely states that you endorse the constitutional right of Eddy Butler to stand for election.

The yellow, "official", nomination form ( yellow was a very appropriate choice of colour) which Griffin has produced is grossly unfair to all of his challengers, but should nevertheless be completed, witnessed, and returned to Andrew Brons MEP, the scrutineer of the nominations.

Eddy calls on all BNP members who wish to nominate him to complete BOTH his own white nomination form, AS WELL AS the "official" yellow form which the party head office is sending out by post.

Under the corrupt and incompetent leadership of Griffin, the arch-factionalist and party-splitter, the result of the BNP leadership election's nomination process looks set to be the subject of yet another costly legal dispute, (it will have to join the queue), but then, strangely, in view of the desperate financial state of the party, which could result in its being wound up, this seems to be what Griffin wants. No doubt the man has his reasons - but he's keeping them to himself.

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