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Friday, 9 July 2010

Griffin's idea of leadership: no debate but plenty of vituperation.

"Andrew Emerson – the crank (a Doctor of Philosophy with a brilliant brain without an ounce of commonsense), whose contrary ways and oddball manner always make an entertaining spectacle at Annual Conference. Another long-term bachelor, but that may just be because he’s so strange."

This recent posting from the http://www.eddybutlerexposed.com/  web site, under the heading "Freak Show," deserves rebutment.

It really is a bit rich to be called a crank by a supporter of Nick Griffin's 'campaign' to remain leader. After all it is not I, Andrew Emerson, who used to deny the holocaust, but Nick Griffin - so who is the crank, eh? Nor was it I, but rather Mr Griffin, who led "the Political Soldiers" - the laughing-stock of 1980s' nationalism. Being called a crank by a Griffinite is rather like being called a war-monger by a supporter of Tony Blair. Where is the common sense in denying the holocaust, or in disbelieving that it actually happened, in spite of all the evidence?

As for allegedly being "strange": no doubt the decorum and courtesy of a gentlemanly demeanour may seem odd to an unmannerly oaf.

It's a great pity that neither Mr Griffin, nor his supporters, will debate in a civilized manner the vitally important issues that affect our party, and which Eddy Butler has articulated, and also that Mr Griffin chooses not to put a stop to the mud-slinging claptrap of the anonymous cyber-claque of his supporters, as he could so easily do, by publicly denouncing it.

The deactivation of the http://www.eddybutlerexposed.com/ web site, though welcome in itself, is not sufficient. Mr Griffin needs to dissociate himself from the filth by publicly condemning it; otherwise members, and the wider public, will draw the natural conclusion from his silence, namely that he connives at, and countenances it.

What more convincing proof that the party needs a new leader could anyone need than this craven silence on the part of Mr Griffin?


  1. BBC Question time, Sep 09

    BNP member Andrew Emerson who was the BNP candidate for Broxbourne at the 2005 general election questioned the question time panel why illegal immigrants aint been deported from Britain like the BNP would-or something like that.

    Harriet Harman said the BNP are racist because they dont allow non-whites to
    join there party- Sadly people clapped here when she said the BNP are a racist party.

  2. Meanwhile, BNP candidate Dr Andrew Emerson listed his party's election aims as ending immigration, stopping overseas aid, ending the Afghanistan war and leaving the EU.

    He said: “I would like the British public to be put first for a change. During the past ten years millions of immigrants have poured into this country. It's changed the whole character of the country.”

    In a debate described by some Five Live listeners as a “squabble”, Ms Ward also came to the defence of Conservative leader David Cameron, when Dr Emerson questioned his membership of the Unite Against Fascism movement.