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Monday, 19 July 2010

Eddy Butler's key supporters suspended today

Architect Peter Phillips, Eddy Butler's campaign co-ordinator, and Dr Andrew Emerson, writer and speaker in Eddy's campaign, were today suspended by the party's South East regional organizer. No explanation was provided, nor were any details of any alleged 'offences' given.

Dr Emerson has appealed against his arbitrary and unjust suspension, as has Peter Phillips against his.

This is a scandalous attempt by a corrupt and incompetent leadership to intimidate Eddy's key supporters into silence, in breach of the constitution of the party, (in particular its code of conduct), in the desperate hope that by attacking free speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association, British National Party members can be kept in the dark about the worsening financial state of the party, the looming crisis facing it, and the destruction of its morale through rule by 'court favourites', such as Messrs Dowson and Harrington, who are not even members of the BNP.

Well, this desperate strategy, intended to subvert the party's democratic process of a leadership election (whereby the members may call the leadership to account for its temporary stewardship of the party) will fail if every member sees it as their duty to acquaint themselves with the issues by visiting Eddy's blogspot http://www.eddybutler.blogspot.com/, and web site, and if possible, attending one of Eddy's campaign meetings, which are being held the length and breadth of the country over the next three weeks.

We fight on, and we dare all, so that a great land and a great nation may live again in splendour.

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