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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

"We'll do better in future...honest"

"This also means we reject the attacks on the party's finances from outsiders, and deliberately placed insiders who have a job to try and cause as much disruption as possible.

"We are entering a period of unprecedented financial control and we will not allow anyone to steer us off-course."

The foregoing disgraceful attempt by Mr Hannam, the BNP's nominal treasurer, in an e-mail newsletter, to equate legitimate internal criticism and dissent, and a constitutional leadership challenge by BNP members, with 'sleepers', 'plants', and 'moles', whose 'job' it is "...to try and cause [sic] as much disruption as possible" is on a par with Mr Griffin's own recent reference to "time-wasting elections". Both show in just what contempt Griffin and his self-seeking hirelings hold the decent, honest, hard-working, and self-sacrificing ordinary members, and donors, of this party.
Not only is the intelligence of the latter insulted by this pernicious attempt to equate the exercise of the democratic right to call the leadership to an accounting for their stewardship of the party through an election, with imaginary subversion by unidentified internal enemies (the worn-out "Searchlight mole/MI5 agent" ploy), but also by the suggestion that the promises to do better in future would have been made at all had it not been for Eddy Butler's challenge, and the detailed exposure on his blog, http://www.eddybutler.blogspot.com/, of the corruption and incompetence that have been, and are, endemic in the party's leadership under Griffin.

Hannam's remarks are an admission that things have been very seriously wrong in the "treasury department", an admission which has only been extracted from him under the stress of a leadership election. Yet he has the gall to imply criticism of those courageous, and selfless, enough to mount, and support, such a challenge (in the full knowledge that they were likely to be unjustly victimized as a result) for causing "disruption". Given the corruption and incompetence of the Griffin "leadership" what need would the Establishment have for lowly-placed moles, plants or sleepers - when Griffin is doing their work of crippling, and destroying the BNP for them?

Griffin's subversion of the leadership nomination process through his invention of  unconstitutional 'rules' designed to make impossible the already very difficult task of obtaining sufficient nominations by any of his would-be challengers, as well as the corrupt suspension of Eddy Butler's key supporters in the south east, including his campaign co-ordinator, Peter Phillips, and Dr Andrew Emerson, the author of this blog, are straight out of the North Korean Handbook on the Conduct of Democratic Elections - one of the world's shortest books. No doubt it has pride of place in Mr Griffin's private library.

Mr Griffin is a disgrace to all decent BNP members, and should hang his head in shame.

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