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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Civil Liberty director wants Griffin's resignation

Kevin Scott, director and founder of the nationalist civil rights organization, Civil Liberty, established under the aegis of Nick Griffin, has publicly stated that he wants Griffin "...to stand down immediately as chairman of the BNP."

Mr Scott made the remark in the course of a heated debate, conducted on Dr Andrew Emerson's Facebook page, over the article in praise of a convicted IRA terrorist, McGeough, that he had published anonymously on the web site of Civil Liberty.

Mr Scott did not state his reasons for wanting Mr Griffin to go, but in view of Civil Liberty's ostensible commitment to defending the civil rights of nationalists, one wonders whether it might perhaps have anything to do with the way in which the constitutional rights of members of the British National Party have been set at nought by Griffin, firstly through the rigging of the nominations' process for a leadership election last year, and subsequently through the unjust victimization of Eddy Butler, the leading challenger, and his most active supporters.

Of course, such tyranny and hypocrisy may not concern Mr Scott in the slightest. He may have entirely different reasons of his own for wishing to see the back of Mr Griffin, such as wanting to see the BNP survive, and flourish, perhaps.

Mr Scott's post now follows.

Kevin Scott : I'm afraid Andrew is away with the fairies on this!! As usual! As with many other things!!

I wrote the piece on McGeough for Civil Liberty (of which I am the Director) and I think it is a fine piece of writing designed to highlight why some Irish people might think the same as us nationalists (well, at least, the anti-imperialist ones!) on the mainland.

Pat Harrington had no knowledge of the article nor the fact I was writing it and probably didn't even realise it had been posted on the CL website for all to see (friend and foe!) That clear enough for you,
Andrew? Now, please, old chap, acknowlege me as the author on your crap Searchlight proxy blog? Otherwise, I will get annoyed with you! And might even delete you as a Facebook friend!!

As for the origins of Civil Liberty. It was, in fact, a Lee Barnes idea. Unlike many others, I like Lee. Again, unlike many others, I also like Pat. But, I want, like Lee, Nick Griifin to stand down immediately as chairman of the BNP. [Emphasis mine]. Andrew, apparently, thinks that as well, but I was never a member of the (internationalist and imperialist) British Labour Party! Pat works for NG and is paid money by the EU. He is not a member of the BNP. Unlike me!

Some Scottish chap, apparently, volunteered to run Civil Liberty, but he had second thoughts. So I was asked to run it instead (by NG, if I remember correctly) and recruited a couple of chaps to help me. Both of whom have since fallen out with Nick Griffin!

All of that happened before I even met Pat Harrington. However, many years ago, I did come across him in a pub in Sunderland after an NF meeting in the town. He told me to **** off, since I was BNP!

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