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Monday, 7 March 2011

Mein Kemp

The following article was published on Lee Barnes' blog, 21st Century British Nationalism. It provides an insight into the cesspit of vice and petty intrigue that the upper echelon of the British National Party became, and remains, under the so-called leadership of the Moloch Griffin.

Lee's article doesn't explicitly state that Arthur Kemp is a former South African policeman, whom some suspect of having subsequently operated within ethno-nationalist circles as a nark.

Mr Kemp, in his letter of resignation from the post of BNP web editor, refers to his not being obliged to work out a period of notice, as he was not on any payroll in respect of his work. At least this seems to have been the situation since the arrival at "Party Central" of Griffin's mumbo-jumbo man, Pat Harrington. Eddy Butler has said, on his blog, that Kemp worked full-time on the web site, and had been promised, presumably by Griffin, that he would be put on a payroll but this had not happened. Kemp's reference to not needing to give any notice might be interpreted as a parting shot at Griffin.

Lee Barnes implies that Kemp did not receive a salary for his work. Perhaps Kemp was encouraged by Griffin to claim 'expenses' in relation to his work as web editor.

Well, the Wheel of Fortune turns, sometimes slowly, at other times quickly, but it is always turning, of that we may be sure.

Lee's article now follows.

Arthur Kemp - payback

I was present at the AC [Advisory Council] meeting when Arthur Kemp was invited to attend and present himself as a possible BNP officer.

The AC discussed Arthur joining the party, but many on the AC including Martin Wingfield, stated that due to Arthur's past he was too controversial to get involved with the party.

Arthur agreed with Martin and stated that he would not join the party or take up any roles with the party.

I then said that we should give Arthur a chance and allow him to join the party and see what happens.

This was then agreed by the AC.

It was my intervention that got Arthur his positions in the BNP.

But what was the first thing Arthur did when he took over the BNP website - he removed me as a writer from the site.

The news that he is leaving the BNP as he has not been paid by the party for months is all he deserves. That is not the real reason he is leaving though, as he did not get paid for the work he did for the party.

Arthur acted as a treacherous, self serving little lickspittle to Griffin - and he now gets his payback.

What with Green Arrow, Golding, Dowson and Kemp all gone - what a delicious turn of events.

All the time Kemp was in the BNP, Griffin used to call him a 'smug sociopath who hates everyone and everything and who thinks he is intellectually superior to everyone'.

That was Griffin's opinion of Kemp.

At the same time Kemp despised and mistrusted Griffin.

That's the senior ranks of the BNP for you - filled with dishonourable, back stabbing, egotistical sociopaths appointed by Griffin.

Never mind - the rats have fled the sinking ship and soon the captain will go down with it.

That was Griffin's plan all along though.

As he told me on frequent occasions - " I will destroy the BNP before I allow anyone else to lead it ".

That's Griffin's plan.

And the plan is about to come to fruition as the party is made bankrupt.

You want to know the real reason why Kemp is leaving the party - because Kemp knows that he and all the other senior officers will be liable for Griffin's debts when the party is bankrupted.

At the moment the BNP is funnelling as much money as it can through various bank accounts, such as the Ulster one which I and the ex-organiser for Ulster set up for the party. The ex-organiser in NI did a huge amount of work for the party to set up those bank accounts once Barclays closed the old BNP accounts down.

On a side note here's an example of Griffin's stupidity. After Barclays shut down the BNP accounts, I negotiated a deal with Barclays where they agreed to wipe off six grand of debt owed to them if the party just allowed them to shut the accounts down and I drop the complaints I made against Barclays to the FSA. I told Griffin about the deal I had agreed with Barclays, and he said " Tell them we want fifteen grand as well as the debts wiped off " and the result was Barclays saying 'no deal and we also want our money you owe us'. That was Griffin's brilliance in action.

This is being done so Griffin can have his 'seed money' to set up his replacement for the BNP, which is a civil rights group, which was a group whose role and functions I formulated and proposed to Griffin years ago.

Kemp is leaving the party as he knows that the senior officers are liable for debts accrued by Griffin's stupidity - and that Griffin will not pay a penny as he has given all his assets to his wife.

Kemp deserves zero sympathy.

He stabbed the people who helped him in the back in order to ingratiate himself with Griffin.

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  1. misterfox (David Morris)7 March 2011 at 18:38

    Kemp dropped me as a writer with the idiotic excuse that my grammar was too bad! In reality I was attracting 170-180 favourable, nay, adulatory comments per article. Arthur got jealous.