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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Griffin scuppers BNP election prospects

The following article, by Paul Morris, alias the Green Arrow, was recently published on the British Resistance web site.

Johnny Leech, the former Greenwich and Woolwich BNP organizer, made an excellent case, on a Paltalk debate, which GA chaired the other night, for reform within the party, starting with the election of a new, honest, credible, and legitimate new leader.

Green Arrow is beginning to understand the true nature of the rottenness at the heart of the upper echelon of the British National Party. Green Arrow is now considerably less green than he was. Well, better late than never, GA.

He rightly poses the question, "Incompetence, or...sabotage?"

Green Arrow's article now follows.

Back in September of last year before things really went pear shaped, I started to receive information that led me to believe that I and our former site Home of the Green Arrow and Friends was going to be set up as a scapegoat for any failure in the Welsh Assembly Elections this coming May. I thought at the time that I was becoming just a little bit too paranoid. Now, looking back at the evidence and recent affairs, I am not so sure.

So when a small gang of thugs started their vicious and I mean vicious campaign against myself and others involved with the running of the site, I repeatedly tried to make peace with them (I have the evidence) and called for meetings to resolve any issues. These requests were refused outright.

They demanded apologies where none were due but we bit our tongues for the nationalist cause and said sorry for crimes we were not guilty of. But still we could not resolve our issues or rather they chose not to resolve them. They wanted me gone and the site closed and that was it. No thoughts from them about the greater cause.

I repeatedly informed them that all I wanted to do was to post information and images of Welsh BNP activism in Wales and give favourable reports on meetings and was again warned to stay away from all BNP activities in Wales.

Incredible treatment to a site and people who had organised so many appeals on their behalf to buy equipment and funded their trips around the country to make films. I was told our site was irrelevant and no longer needed.

However, it is not in my nature to walk away from my duty and so going through the official channels I made the Welsh Regional Organiser Brian Mahoney aware of these problems and informed him that I simply wished to write favourable reports about Welsh BNP activity the same way our site reported other British National Party activites around the country. I believed then and still do now that these reports with images encouraged new people to join the party and helped sustain the morale of our activists, the majority of whom are the finest, bravest people alive.

But Brian Mahoney just advised me to stay away from the thugs, keep a low profile and let time heal things and boy did I try. I have no pride when it comes do doing what I think is right for our noble cause.

Now then, I would be obliged if you would read the following report I published on a meeting that took place in Bridgend just last month. It is important that you read the words carefully and between the lines, so you may understand what I write in the rest of this article.

At the start of the article, I apologise for being late in publishing the report. The truth is that those present at the meeting had been instructed by Brian Mahoney not to tell me anything or to provide any information that I could use in compiling the report. This information caused me much personal distress as did the people I spoke to who I had considered my friends but I also understood that they were just carrying out the instructions of their Regional Organiser.

Still I managed to cobble something together and get the story out and published it to show Wales BNP that I would not be prevented from reporting on positive news about the BNP in Wales and I let them know in the 2nd paragraph that I intended to continue to report on the British National Party whether they liked it or not.

By now, I had already informed the BNP hierarchy of the problems in Wales and informed them of what is going on and the threats to myself and others. I also expressed my concerns that I believed that Brian Mahoney (who has a personal grudge against the party or rather Nick Griffin) and others were working against its best interests and that the party should be very wary of them. Having learnt more about the leadership of the party than I care to, I do believe that Brian has a very good reason not to wish the leadership well, if what I learned about the shabby treatment of his partner is true.

Finally in the last paragraph of the article I refer to, I am sending a message to the British National Party to remove the men of violence, who in my honest opinion are destroying the British National Party in Wales. Although given recent events it is now apparent that it is more than a few bad apples in Wales that the party has to worry about.
Now then about the Welsh Assembly Elections? What the bloody hell is going on?

First they stop a site that is notorious for its almost fanatical support of the Party and its Chairman from reporting on Welsh Activism and proscribe the Green Arrow in Wales.

Brian Mahoney, for reasons known only to himself reports to the BNP that everything in Wales is fine and does nothing about the three violent thugs making threats to other party members and loyal supporters. He must have known that the press would use all the information in the public domain. Cowardice or something worse?

The Party chooses to let a respected Welsh BNP Councillor resign rather than remove the men of violence from the party in Wales.

Then BNP Wales deliberately do nothing to organise opposition in Wales to the increase in powers for the Welsh Assembly. Other than one pathetic statement on the main site saying that the BNP recommended people vote NO in the March 3rd referendum there was NOTHING. If BNP Wales had run a Vote No campaign then they would have gathered lots of support and brought the party massive publicity that would have been most valuable in preparing for the coming May elections. Incompetence or deliberate sabotage?

This Saturday, there was a day of action in South Wales by the BNP. I can't give you a report because I was not there and neither were a lot of other supporters who had planned to be there before the men of violence were left undisciplined by the party. I had arranged accommodation in two locations for activists to stay at for a week so they could help out Wales BNP but given that they had been threatened for simply supporting the British Resistance and myself, they no longer wished to take part and I can't say I blame them.

Now I find the next bit of news most disturbing. The chairman of the British National Party was photographed at the evening's event posing with a man who is part of the proscribed EDL/WDL. Fine, I for one have no problems with the majority of the EDL/WDL but this man is a known Nutzi and there are images of him all over the internet standing in front of a long gone foreign flag and giving it the old straight arm routine.

Now I strongly believe that at least six or more people at the event, including Brian Mahoney knew of this man's past and associates, so what the hell was he doing at the meeting and why on earth was he allowed anywhere near the chairman to have his photograph taken with him? Again either incompetence or something worse.

I honestly believed that even with the current problems in the British National Party, South Wales could still have done well in the Assembly Elections and won at least one seat but in light of the above, I am no longer so sure.

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