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Sunday, 13 March 2011

You can't keep a good man down

Welsh Representation - BNP Reform 2011

By admin, posted to the BNP Reform web site, http://www.bnpreform2011.co.uk/, on 13 March 2011

We are pleased to announce that Councillor Kevin Edwards has kindly agreed to take the role of Welsh representative for BNP Reform 2011.

For those of you who do not know Cllr Kevin Edwards we refer you to an earlier article in which we called on Roger Phillips, the Welsh assistant Regional Organiser to resign or be sacked. Other information about Kevin can be found on his blog, and on the British Resistance site where they have been supporting him in his call for Welsh BNP reform.

The BNP Reform movement is not, contrary to the view held by those still blindly supporting Nick Griffin, trying to break up the British National Party. We believe the Party core principles and policies are correct but feel that unless the party can improve its managerial capabilities and top level political leadership the party will decline from its present position in UK politics.

We ask all members, who wish to SAVE the British National Party, and prevent it from becoming just another of the many spent nationalist parties and organisations, to support the BNP Reform 2011 campaign. The campaign is calling for financial transparency, improved administrative management, democratic accountability, and sound political leadership of the British National Party.

The campaign to effect reform of the Party will not be easy. Nick Griffin has retreated into his bunker and securely locked the door with the aid of an old NF chum and a couple of ex-teachers, all executive members of the Solidarity Trade Union. The trade union cabal have got executive control of the British National Party and are unlikely ever to walk away from this very lucrative financial gravy train without a lot of pressure from members. There will unavoidably be a certain amount of collateral damage to the party unless, of course, Nick Griffin should decide to dissociate the Party from the Trade Union and stand down as leader.

As we have said, the BNP Reform campaign is not about damaging the party but rather about calling the party leadership to account. We are recommending that all BNP Reform supporters actively back their local groups and branches in the May elections, but don’t be fooled by calls for donations for electioneering from the Party.

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