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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Where we Stand

Official Statement - BNP Reform 2011

By admin, on March 15th, 2011

Reform 2011 consists of concerned Party members who feel Nick Griffin’s subversion of last year’s wholly constitutional leadership challenge nomination process effectively stripped him of the democratic mandate hitherto bestowed upon him by the membership at the last leadership election (2007). Therefore, he no longer commands authority or credibility within the Party. His ill-considered actions have robbed us of our legitimate right to pass judgement on our Chairman’s stewardship of our Party.

We are first and foremost Party loyalists. We are totally committed to the British National Party as THE Nationalist vehicle in British politics. We passionately believe in the potential of the BNP to transform politics in Britain and by so doing save our Nation. Remember, our Party, despite all the obstacles placed in our way by a hostile Establishment and media polled c. 1 million votes in 2009 and pro-rata polled a similar number in last year’s General Election after what can only be described as a disastrous campaign. Our Party is emphatically not “finished” or “dead” and those using such language are defeatists who to a very large extent are making their own reality. It is the current Chairman who is finished and must be replaced.

We have come together primarily to lay the ground work for a leadership challenge this year, 2011, but also to mobilise and productively channel members' and activists’ disillusion into our quest to breathe new life and hope into the British National Party. We seek only to strengthen the Party.

Whilst many of us were supportive of, and sympathetic to, Eddy Butler’s leadership challenge last year, and are currently most grateful to him for his on-going critique of Nick Griffin’s Chairmanship, we are totally independent of Mr Butler. We do not act or speak on his behalf, nor does Eddy speak or act on behalf of us.

We have absolutely no interest in starting a new party nor are we interested in joining other parties such as UKIP, English Defence League or the English Democrats. We are committed to the British National Party.

Given the enormous power vested in the Chairman of the BNP our Constitution stipulates, as a counterbalance to that power, an annual leadership election. We believe a challenge this year is in the best interests of our Party – as indeed it was last year. Therefore, we are working to present the membership with an alternative future management team and a plausible leadership challenger for this year.

Our objectives are:


To restore the Party to its members, branches and regions.

To install effective administration, financial control and transparency with the express purpose of keeping the Party solvent, within the law and cohesive. Resources will be directed to, and kept as much as possible at, the front line. Branches and regions are to be encouraged and supported in delivering the BNP message in a manner most suited to the area/region. We wish to devolve power to the local activists. In short, Head Office serves the Party not the other way round. It is a matter of urgency that we build a party election machine capable of harnessing the discontent welling in the British electorate.

To re-energise the Party and enable local talent to flourish. We are confident the foregoing will bring this about.


To go on the offensive ideologically, enunciating clearly the moral rationale for Nationalism, and provide our people with a vision of a better future.

To re-affirm core Nationalist principles, and, in view of the unfolding economic crisis promote as Party policy the need to create an honest, sound, and therefore sustainable, fiscal, monetary and banking system as a matter of urgency.

Please register with our website to be kept informed of future developments.


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