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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Nick Griffin: more revolutionary than thou

O Brother, where art thou?

I've always thought Mr Griffin worshipped at the Temple of Mammon, the Money-god. That would make him a pagan. Certainly, he lives in the countryside.

Note Mr Griffin's statement that he and his Political Soldiers intended to "...work with the Muslims". These days he would be happier to "...work with..." the Jews (they have more money) only they wouldn't touch him with a ten foot shofar. Meshugannah is a word they might well apply to Griffin. It's a Yiddish word, meaning a crazy, eccentric, or foolish person.

Observe how Mr Griffin fails to maintain eye contact and is continually looking down at his lap. Is he looking down at a script, on an idiot board? Or is he just naturally shifty, as in not believing a word of what he is saying?

Note how Griffin refers to his former National Front colleagues with whom he fell out in 1986 as, and I quote him verbatim "...reactionary scum..."

That would be Andrew Brons MEP, and "Wingers" and "Tin-Tin", then.

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