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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A dish best served cold?

"The DCLG and Barrow Cadbury currently fund HNH or more accurately its charitable arm Searchlight Educational Trust (as part of the separation of Searchlight magazine and HNH, they have promised to rename Searchlight Educational Trust by 31 December 2012, though a similar promise to rename Searchlight Information Services Ltd, the company behind HNH, by 30 June 2012 has been broken). We wonder how HNH will account to DCLG and Barrow Cadbury for the use of their grants."

This is an extract from a very interesting article by Mrs Gable, on the Searchlight magazine web site, entitled 'A meagre dish served lukewarm'. In the course of exposing the lamentable (or laughable, depending on one's point of view) shortcomings of the 'anti-fascist' competition, Hope Not Hate, Mrs Gable reveals that the Department for Communities and Local Government, a government department and hence a publicly funded body, provides grant aid to HNH.

Now, HNH is a 'third party' organization that publishes hostile propaganda aimed both at the ethnic majority, English and other indigenous peoples of Britain and more specifically at the political parties that claim to represent the legitimate interests of these ethnic groups, including most notably the BNP.

HNH was responsible for mobilizing hundreds of volunteers in Barking, during the 2010 General Election campaign, who delivered tens of thousands of anti-BNP propaganda leaflets. HNH subsequently claimed much of the 'credit' for twelve BNP councillors losing their seats on the Borough Council and for Mr Griffin's disappointing result in the constituency.

How can a government department, like the DCLG, possibly justify misusing public money by providing a grant to this parti pris organization, whose main purpose is to campaign against political parties of a particular persuasion? It is an insidious subversion of the democratic process, when the apparatus of the state is used by the parties in government, for the purpose of diverting public monies into the pockets of the enemies of those parties' political opponents. It is also a waste of taxpayers' money, which would be scandalous at any time, but is doubly so at a time of financial stringency and enforced cuts in vital public services.

The British electorate deserve better than this. But should they really be surprised at the self-seeking corruption of governing parties that are largely led by ethnically alien millionaires, who are not only completely out of touch with the needs and concerns of ordinary people, but also lack any feeling of  solidarity with the ethnic majority population of the country they misgovern?

Looking at the published list of recipients of the taxpayers' largesse, courtesy of the DCLG: amongst the dozens of grants to Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Jewish groups, to help to assuage their "grievances", I noticed one of £30,000 to the Searchlight Educational Trust - for the purpose of making a DVD! Was this DVD made of solid platinum?

What about grants to members of the downtrodden English community, to help to assuage their genuine grievances? The only one I could find was to a project designed to dissuade young Englishmen from turning to "parties of the extreme Right" [sic].

Now why on earth should they want to do that?

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