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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Griffin talks Shiite

Having read the official BNP (Bankrupt Nationalist Printers) publication, What Lies Behind the English Defence League? one's major impression is that there is a profound flaw in its thesis. By the use of multiple footnotes on every page, this meretricious work seeks to convey the false impression to the unwary, of academic rigour and sound reasoning.

To be fair, it does appear to show that there are friendly links and contacts between the leadership of both the EDL and British Freedom Party and wealthy Jewish and pro-Israel businessmen and leaders of opinion, in both North America and Europe. So far so good. None of this is original, however. The links have been previously observed and documented by Hope Not Hate [sic] and Searchlight magazine, to name but two.

What are we to make of such links? That is the sixty-four dollar question. No doubt political guidance has been provided to Mr Lennon and no doubt friendly media exposure (though to a much smaller extent in Britain where it is most needed) has been vouchsafed to Mr Weston. Money (or its equivalent: free use of facilities, etc) has no doubt helped the EDL, if not also British Freedom. The money will be helpful in contesting elections and in buying publicity.

But what of the supposedly sinister control that is postulated? Is it real, or only imagined? Let us ask another question? How would helping to create and direct an anti-Islamist 'street army' of Gentiles in Britain assist Jews in this country, or in North America, or Europe, or Israel? Well, in the case of Britain, it is argued that such a body could be used to intimidate anti-war protesters. I think that this is highly unlikely. Were it to be attempted it would be very likely to backfire badly.

The other point to bear in mind is the bitter division within Islam, between Sunni and Shia. Iran is Shia (or Shiite) whereas the countries from which most Muslims in Britain originate are mainly Sunni. Most Muslims in Britain, being Sunni, would be likely to be much less concerned about an attack on a Shia-led country like Iran, than they were about an attack on a Sunni-led country like Iraq, or Afghanistan.

The EDL might be viewed as a useful insurance policy, however, in case of civil disturbance and in particular if Jewish communities were to be targeted by Muslim mobs. The political demand for an end to only Muslim immigration coupled with support for Israel, might be regarded as a way of blunting the 'racist' accusation, while at the same time serving the interests of both the Jewish and Christian communities in Britain and in Israel.

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