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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

English Democrats not the answer

Chris Beverley, the BNP MEP Andrew Brons' Constituency Office Manager (for Yorkshire and the Humber) and his Personal Assistant, as well as a prominent member of the quasi-nationalist English Democrats, has this to say about the party of which Mr Brons remains a Life Member:-

"For years I was a member of the BNP. I held a variety of positions and stood in many elections for them at all levels. I also served a full four-year term as a BNP councillor on Leeds City Council.

"Over time I came to realize that the BNP, whilst undoubtedly succeeding in recruiting some decent and well-meaning members over the years, is a thoroughly rotten organization which can best be thought of as a cross between a criminal gang and a religious cult.

"The English Democrats offer a complete contrast in that they are a moderate and democratic party which stands up for England and opposes all forms of political correctness without ever betraying their membership by engaging in the kind of careless extremism, thuggery, sexual scandal and outright criminality which the public rightly associates with the BNP."

England Awake! [Magazine of the English Democrats] # 2, p 6

While entirely agreeing with Mr Beverley's appraisal of the BNP, at least as it has been for the last few years, his assertion that the English Democrats oppose political 'correctness' is self-evidently false. One has only to visit their web site in order to satisfy oneself that, far from opposing political 'correctness', the English Democrats are, in fact, all claims to the contrary notwithstanding, one of the most abject exponents of that particularly repellent ideology.

Indeed, it is no accident that Mr Beverley, in the third paragraph of the extract quoted above, states that the "English Democrats...are a...party which stands up for England..." The English Democrats may stand up for England. They do not, however, dare to stand up for the English.

Furthermore, one questions whether they are really as democratic as their name and the enthusiastic Mr Beverley, would have us believe. The party is in hock to its founding leader, Mr Tilbrook, to the tune of approximately one-quarter of a million pounds. Doubtless, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

The English Democrats' ten-man National Council determines all of its policies. The party's National Conference is merely a rubber stamp and must either take or leave the manifesto presented to it by the National Council. It can make no amendment to it whatsoever. How democratic is that?

Mr Tilbrook claims a membership of nearly 3,000. Well, if 1,500 may be regarded as nearly 3,000, then I suppose he might be said to be right.

Trusted sources indicate that membership is actually in a steep decline, rather than growing, as Mr Tilbrook claims.

Accompanying the magazine referred to above, in a mailshot to potential donors and members, is a four page 'begging letter', written in the Dowson style, with which former BNP members will be only too familiar. Is this a sign of desperation? It certainly looks as if the English Democrats may be drowning, rather than waving.

In view of Mr Beverley's, entirely justified, remarks about the political party of which his Principal, Mr Brons, remains a prominent member and elected representative, one wonders what Mr Beverley feels about having as a colleague Mr Adam Walker, currently awaiting sentence for serious crimes. Is it a good working relationship?

If Mr Walker is gaoled later this month, as he richly deserves, will he continue to do the jobs of National Organizer (for the BNP) and Constituency Caseworker (for both Griffin and Brons), from his prison cell? The BNP really has become nothing more than a bad joke, under the corrupt and incompetent 'leadership' of Mr Griffin.

Perhaps all of Mr Beverley's criticism of BNP thuggery and criminality is really just for show. Could it be that, behind the scenes, prominent BNP and prominent (former BNP) English Democrat members, find that they have much more in common with one another than they have with the decent grass roots of either party?

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