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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Anglo-Saxons still the majority in USA

What will a white-minority US look like?

By Daniel Nasaw

BBC News Magazine, Washington

18 May, 2012

Future generations of Americans could look increasingly like mixed race baseball player Derek Jeter. The US has reached a demographic tipping point, with most babies born now belonging to minority groups.

According to the US Census Bureau, black, Hispanic, Asian and mixed race births made up 50.4% of new arrivals in the year ending in July 2011.

Much of the change is driven by high birth rates among the Hispanic population.

The official notice foreshadows the day, expected in the 2040s, when non-Hispanic whites - like the group that founded America - will be in the minority. [Emphasis added].

[End of extract]

It should be noted that, true to form, the BBC cannot bring itself to mention the English. It has to perform a peculiar feat of circumlocution in order to airbrush the greatest nation the world has ever known out of American history, by referring to us as "non-Hispanic whites", thereby avoiding acknowledging the reality of our distinct ethnic identity by including us in a general category of "whites", which itself they define only in contradistinction to their favoured ethnic groups, blacks and Hispanics.

Why is New England called New England? Why isn't it called New non-Hispania? You see how absurd the BBC's hateful, anti-English racism is? How vile and odious are the hate-mongers who show their hatred for the English through their hate-filled propaganda? And your money, which you pay for a TV licence, finances this hate speech. A good reason to stop watching television, to turn off the set, unplug it at the wall and to stop paying to finance racist anti-English propaganda.

With an estimated thirteen million illegal immigrants living in the country, almost all of whom are not of English ancestry, the first step towards halting and then reversing the demographic trend towards a non-white majority is to deport the lot, without exception. The second step is to strengthen border controls, particularly along the Mexican border. The third step will be to ban any further non-white immigration. The fourth step will be to institute a publicly funded scheme of voluntary, financially assisted repatriation of non-whites to their countries of ethnic origin, or any others willing to accept them.

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