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Saturday, 25 August 2012

BNP is Donatist not Nationalist

The only type of leadership challenge Mr Griffin tolerates is one that he himself subverts behind the scenes.

Depending on the seriousness of the challenge which, as Chairman, Griffin is in a good position to assess in advance, the rules of the party constitution are changed in order to make it impossible for the challenge to succeed. As far as Griffin is concerned 'winning' is the most important thing, 'winning' at any cost and he works back from this pre-ordained outcome to change the rules of any contest in order to make assurance doubly sure. He abuses his position of trust in order to cheat the members out of a free and fair election, while at the same time hypocritically attacking 'the powers that be' for failing to allow free speech and genuine democracy.

Politics itself, though, is only a means to an end for Griffin. But the end, for him, is not good government. There is not an idealistic bone in Mr Griffin's body. He is not really interested in politics and is said to find it boring. The end for Griffin is being 'the leader' and an elective dictator indefinitely, not for the thrill of exercising 'power', or the 'status' of such a position, though.

The real reason is far more prosaic. Griffin has never had a proper job in his life that lasted for more than a few weeks. He has been the spoilt darling of wealthy parents and has spent his adult life playing at politics, first in the National Front, which he destroyed and then in the BNP, which he also destroyed.

He has always been given money by others, never had to earn it for himself and this pattern continues to this day. This is why the BNP is so often, however large its income, in financial difficulties: because Griffin doesn't understand the value of money. I once heard him say, to a crowded hall of activists, "What is money? It comes, it goes".

Is it any wonder that the BNP is always asking its few remaining members to donate?

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