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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

It's all a giant conspiracy!

Mr Griffin's BNP (Bankrupt Nationalist Printers) has made a new video nasty, in which the scoundrel himself delivers a halting ("Can someone help me out here?") disquisition on the alleged financial backing of the English Defence League and its political add-on, the British Freedom Party.

According to Griffin, it would appear that a huge conspiracy has been uncovered.

Not only are 'Zionists' from across the pond allegedly involved, but perhaps even more shocking, these 'Zionists' are extraordinarily wealthy individuals and are very well connected to the United States' military-industrial complex. To the extent of owning much of it.

One can see Mr Griffin almost drooling as he describes the wealth of these plutocrats, not all of whom are Jews, to be fair, he hastens to add. Their wealth buys them access to politicians and well, politicians. And therein lies the problem. Because many of these multi-millionaire puppet-masters are in fact Jews, who promote a bellicose foreign policy which, while supposedly in the interests of Israel (whose government doesn't always see it that way), is certainly not in the interests of the waning Anglo-Saxon ethnic majority of both the US and the UK.

It would seem that the grass roots of the EDL have been conned into serving a 'Zionist' neo-con agenda on the streets of Britain, in much the same way that the grass roots of the BNP were conned into serving a Griffin family agenda, by helping to get him elected to the European pig-trough, or 'parliament'.

Conveniently forgetting about his support of Britain's military intervention in Aghanistan in 2001, Griffin now implies that Iran should be left alone to develop a nuclear strike capability, on the grounds that "they need it in order to deter would-be aggressors" and "it's none of our business, anyway". Griffin is to International Affairs what Clive Jefferson is to Book-keeping.

Throughout Griffin's performance at the lectern ("Next slide, please; no, no, go back a bit") one's olfactory sense detects two strong aromas. The first: fear. "Might this 'Zionist'-controlled nationalist operation just possibly knock me off my perch?" is one unvoiced question Griffin seems to be asking himself. The second: sour grapes. "Why didn't the 'Zionists' succumb to my earlier charm offensive?" is the other unvoiced question running through Griffin's mind.

No doubt Griffin would have taken the Counter-Jihadist shekel  in an instant, had it ever been offered him. Just ask Colonel Gaddafi.

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