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Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Abominable Showman

As I have already pointed out in two widely-circulated recent bulletins, the appeals to members of the “British National Party” (“BNP”) to sign up for £350 “Life Memberships” and to remit advance payments for accommodation at the “BNP” annual conference, were issued by an entity proclaiming itself to be “British National Party 2010” (BNP2010). This was specified in small print at the very bottom of those documents.

Unless I am very much mistaken, any money received in respect of memberships, products and services advertised in documents issued by “BNP2010” will be lodged in bank accounts quite separate from those operated by the “BNP”.

Thus if, as and when the “BNP” is declared insolvent and is dissolved and/or when Gri££in and his immediate associates are required to settle its debts or be made bankrupt, (the 2nd time for Gri££in!) creditors of the “BNP” will not (so Gri££in hopes) be able to lay their hands on funds raised by the “separate” entity “BNP2010”.

If that is another of Gri££in’s “cunning plans”, and if he does appear before a bankruptcy court, then it is a circumstance which will outrage creditors and also, I think, the presiding judge when it is drawn to his attention. The judges have a discretion as to how they categorize bankrupts (in terms of their culpability and intent) and how harsh their bankruptcy orders will be. We can only hope that all creditors will be made aware of this “BNP”/“BNP2010” issue in advance of any bankruptcy proceedings.

And what will happen to the money raised in the name of “BNP2010”? We are entitled to presume that it will be used to keep Gri££in’s nose above water because, if he were to be declared bankrupt, then the European Parliament would cease to pay him his substantial salary, his considerable expenses, and would cease to pay the salaries of the various party officials who act as his assistants.

The damage all this is doing to the credibility of the cause of British nationalism is immense. This is why Gri££in has had so much help and protection from the media and sundry law enforcement departments. The Establishment knew exactly what kind of creature he is and what he is capable of. Can we imagine the smug smiles of satisfaction which are now lighting up their faces?

I hope that BNP members and supporters who receive my bulletins are not surprised by all this. I have been warning them what kind of a political and financial crook, spiv and liar Gri££in is for the past decade. Many of them who allowed desperation and hope to suppress their common sense, have said to me: “Oh, that’s just your personal sour grapes!”

Well those grapes are now being harvested and pressed. Those people who dismissed my warnings will soon have to drink deeply of that sour vintage. Will they exclaim, in true wine-pseud’s style: “He’s a saucy fellow — his presumption will amuse you!”

Martin Webster

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