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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Those BFs!

Below is an extract from an article by Peter Mills, entitled "European Union - A Long Tradition Of Fiddling The Books", recently published on the web site of the British Freedom Party, or the BFs, as Martin Webster has wittily characterized them.

"Of course, there is another possible reason why this news has not gained much publicity in Britain; it is getting boringly repetitive. Believe it or not, the same thing happened last year. And the year before. And the year before that. In fact, the European Accounts have not received a cleared auditor’s certificate of authenticity for every one of the last 16 years! (3) (4) And, bearing in mind accounts are finalised at the end of a trading year, 16 years ago was November 1994, the end of the accounting year in which Great Britain signed the Lisbon Treaty (at the start of 1993)."

While few nationalists would demur at the article's thesis that the European Union is an irremediably corrupt and undemocratic body from which Britain should secede as soon as possible, the author makes a "howler" by confounding the Maastricht treaty (proper name: Treaty on European Union) which actually established, and gave its name to, the European Union, properly so called, and came into force in November 1993, with the very recent Lisbon treaty, which came into force in December 2009.

Mr Mills is either very uninformed about the European Union, or rather sloppy when it comes to proof-reading his own work.

Although the amusing sobriquet of "the BFs" was coined by Martin Webster in reference to the party's down-playing of the crucial issue of immigration, and their terror of being thought of as "racist", a few more howlers like this and it may begin to catch on for another reason.

Peter Mills seems to believe that if only the country were to be run like big business all would be well. Has he never heard of Enron, Lehman Brothers, Northern Rock, Equitable Life, etc?

It all sounds like the kind of saloon bar Tory 'nationalism' one sees in the Daily Mail, or hears on TalkSport. Or, as the oleaginous Michael Howard (real name: Hecht, meaning Pike) put it in 2005, "Are you thinking what we're thinking?" To which my response is: tell me what you're thinking, and I'll tell you!

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