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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Give till it hurts!

The following is an article which was published yesterday on the British National Party's web site, http://www.bnp.org.uk/. In it Mr Griffin, the national chairman, and party leader, calls upon the party's ordinary members and supporters to help raise a "final" £1,500 which is supposedly required to retain the services of a top flight legal team. If this sum is not raised by Monday, so Mr Griffin claims, then he will be reduced to the necessity of representing himself as a litigant in person, with the implication that he would be worsted by the legal specialists of the other side.

Yet Mr Griffin makes no mention of any monetary contribution to be made by himself, as an individual. Here is a man earning the bloated salary, and receiving the opulent expenses, of an MEP, and yet he apparently cannot, or will not, contribute out of his own pocket a paltry (to him) sum of £1,500, expecting the party's pensioners, unemployed, and low-paid workers to bail him out instead with donations they can ill afford to make.

Doesn't this tell you all you need to know about this fellow's order of priorities (self first) and his contemptuous attitude towards those whom he regards as mere "plebs" and "grunts", "useful idiots", good for relieving of their hard-earned cash but otherwise entirely expendable?

If you look for the party's accounts on its web site you will search in vain. If you look for the unexpurgated interim report of the party's Financial Scrutiny Committee on its web site you will search in vain.

Why should this be? It makes one wonder, doesn't it? Well, it ought to, at any rate.

Don't let me put anyone off donating their money to party head office, or Mr Griffin personally, for that matter. I'd just like to see him put his hands in his own pockets once in a while.

Party Chairman Makes Urgent Appeal for “Last Push” Legal Fund

Fri, 05/11/2010 - 21:42
BNP News

British National Party chairman Nick Griffin MEP has appealed to supporters to help raise £1,500 legal fees by Monday for what may well be the finale to the Race Gestapo Equalities Commission’s persecution of the party.

Writing from his hospital bed, where he is currently undergoing treatment for kidney stones, Mr Griffin revealed that a “heavyweight” legal team had been brought in to “grind the taxpayer-funded Equalities Commission” assault on the BNP “into the dust.”

The appeal letter reads in full as follows:

“Monday morning will see me, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby back in the High Court. Once again we will be representing every member of the BNP, and fighting for the dearly-bought rights and freedoms of every member of our island race. Our enemy — the Equalities Commission, with their 70-strong tax-gobbling legal team.

This is the quango that refused even to recognise the existence of British and English people — until, thanks to all the donors who helped fund our fight back, we forced them to in this case. This is the quango that claims to stand for human rights and equality,and yet employs Simon Woolley, leader of Operation Black Vote. Woolley openly boasted that the aim of this anti-democratic attack on our party and our one million voters is to “close them down.”

On Monday, we stand a real chance of stopping these anti-British bigots dead in their tracks. Our legal team are buoyant, confident and well-prepared. Legal rules mean I can't give you advanced sight of their arguments and assessment of our chances, but I can tell you that they're going to be out to take Commission scalps! We are fighting to win.

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or ring 0207 078 3269

So it's all to play for and we are nearly there. I say “nearly” because we just paid £8,500 to our legal team but have to top that to £10,000 on Monday morning. If we do, then the legal bully boys employed by Phillips and Woolley will face a top level team of legal professionals, working for us and for freedom. If we don’t I‘ll still fight on and once again represent myself.

I don’t mind doing it in principle - I did it at the last hearing to conserve Party funds - but I am no legal expert. I want to level the playing field and have the best team possible. I want to see the tables turned on Phillips and Woolley. They deserve to be hammered. This is our chance, not just to beat them, but to grind them and their petty tyranny into the dust of history.

Are we going to let them get away with it or are we going to fight? Simon, Tanya and I will be there in the Royal Courts of Justice fighting on Monday and Tuesday. I need to be able to tell Tanya and Simon that we are not alone. I need to walk into that court on your behalf at the head of a full, and fully paid for, legal team.

If I do, we can win. If I don’t, Simon Woolley may get his way. So, for what should be the final time in this case, I need your help. We urgently need that last £1,500. Not next Wednesday, not next Tuesday, not even on Monday — we need it right now!

Simon Woolley will be hoping you’ll ignore this plea, this moment of real need, this call to action.

I know you won’t. Thank you!

PS. Remember the big demonstration this coming Monday at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, London (Nearest Underground Temple Station). Lovers of freedom are gathering at 9:30 am onwards outside the court. Join with us and bring as many people as you can with you! Let's get a turnout to welcome Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby as they enter court to stand up for all our rights.

Please dress smartly and bring flags (on poles, not draped over shoulders!). Hope to see you on Monday.”

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