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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lancaster Unity turns "Holocaust-revisionist"?

The article below, based on a report by AFP, was published in the Australian, on 27 November, 2010, and then cut and pasted onto the Lancaster Unity "anti-fascist" blog, without any critical editorial comment from them.

No, it is left to a member of the despised and vilified British National Party to point out that at the end of this article its author grossly understates the death toll at the Auschwitz extermination camp. One million is far too low an estimate of the number of Jews who died at Auschwitz, museum plaque notwithstanding. The eminent historian Lord Russell of Liverpool states, in respect of Auschwitz, "Before the end of the war not less than three million men, women and children had met their death there by gassing and other means". By far the bulk of these victims were Jews. Consequently, at least two, and possibly nearer three, million Jews perished at Auschwitz, rather than the one million stated in the article published in the Australian, and re-published on the Lancaster Unity blog.

Perhaps this minimization of the death toll of Jews at Auschwitz is part of an attempt to curry favour with the Muslim community at the expense of the Jewish community.

Certainly, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) provides a salutary spectacle of "dhimmitude" through their sycophantic pandering to the most vocal and extreme elements (such as the Muslims Against Crusades' group, and its outrageous desecration of the Armistice Day ceremony at the Cenotaph) of Islam.

The article now follows.

November 30, 2010

Neo-Nazi Anders Hoegstroem jailed for Auschwitz theft

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A Swedish neo-Nazi leader accused of ordering the theft of the Auschwitz death camp entrance sign will serve 32 months behind bars.

Anders Hoegstroem, who had risked up to 10 years' jail if convicted in Poland, admitted his role before the case reached court, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office in Krakow said yesterday.

Hoegstroem was arrested in Sweden on a Polish warrant in February on suspicion of ordering the theft of the infamous Arbeit macht frei - Work will set you free - sign from the site of the World War II Nazi camp in the southern Polish city of Oswiecim.

Polish police recovered the 5m metal sign two days after it went missing late last year. It had been chopped into three pieces. Of the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust, a million were murdered at Auschwitz.



  1. Say What You See1 December 2010 at 14:04

    Utter codswallop!

  2. I have books and pamphlets on "Holocaust revisionism that make sense to me so I wouldn't fault Lancaster Unity on this item. Also I remember a Daily Telegraph news item from about 20 years ago that stated that Jewish deaths at Auschwitz were just under one million out of a total of a million and a half all told. I wish I had kept the press cutting.
    Dennis Whiting