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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Farewell, comrade - till we meet again

Parting On Good Terms?

I have had the honour and pleasure of working as a volunteer activist and also as an employee of the British National Party for some time, until I resigned about three months ago.

When I first started working for the BNP, there were no employment contracts, and they weren't seen as being necessary. I was and still am an honourable man and so were my colleagues. At some point it was decided to introduce employment contracts. At the time I remember saying that I would be happy to sign a contract of employment if required to do so, but that I could envisage no circumstance where I would use it against the Party in any dispute, and that if and when the time came, I would go quietly for the good of the Party; I duly signed the contract. When the time came for me to leave, I kept my word. I gave notice at the beginning of August that I intended to leave the employment of the Party, and I left on the 31st of August. There are still outstanding administration matters to be reconciled, but unfortunately my email messages, text messages and phone calls are not being answered. I will not make any further attempt to contact the Party. My relationship with the British National Party is over.

I intend to keep to my word, and go quietly.

This is my first and last post on this thread; I will be making no further comment.

Colin Goodgroves
British Nationalist
Dr Emerson comments:-
How many more good, honest, loyal, and hard-working nationalists, like Colin, must be sacrificed to this Moloch, Griffin, before the party as a whole wakes up to the fact that he's just no good, and has to go?

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  1. we note Hannam has not gone away. http://davidhannam.blogspot.com