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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Griffin unfairly discriminates against the English

If you take a look at the Facebook page of the British National Party, and look at the tab marked "BNP  Groups", you will see a section for "National Groups".

These are listed as being, in the following order:-

Belfast/Northern Ireland

No England. England is not there. It seems that England, in Mr Griffin's opinion, is not important enough to warrant a national group of its own.

Of course, Mr Griffin himself is Welsh, and once regarded (perhaps, secretly, still regards) himself as a Welsh nationalist rather than a British nationalist, as he stated in a letter to John Tyndall in the mid-1990s.

Note how Wales, despite the initial letter of its name coming near the end of the alphabet, is placed at the top of the list, above Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The foregoing could explain the unfair bias shown in favour of anyone who is not genuinely English when it comes to the allocation of jobs and contracts with the party, or selecting candidates for parliament, or for places on the party list for regions in the European 'parliament' elections.

Griffin lives in Wales, the land of his fathers. He should not be the party's regional organizer for London, and as an MEP for the north-west of England he should live in that region.

Watch how quickly Griffin rushes to change the appearance of the "BNP Groups" tab on the party's Facebook page now I have drawn attention, publicly, to his anti-English bias. He may change its appearance. He cannot as easily change his own feelings of antagonism towards England and the English.

To English members of the BNP, I say: think on.

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