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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Anjem Choudary - cadi, or a cad?

The following is a statement to the press by Anjem Choudary, the "spiritual leader" of the gang of Muslim thugs who style themselves "Muslims Against Crusades".

12 November 2010

BURNING POPPIES DRAWS ATTENTION TO THE REAL CRIMINALS Breaking the silence and burning a poppy has drawn the attention of millions of people to the crimes committed by the British regime against Muslims and which are still being committed in Afghanistan and in Iraq. However distasteful ordinary Britons may have found the protest by Muslims against Crusades yesterday it did not lead to the deaths of any innocent people and indeed did not contravene any laws in Britain. This cannot be said of the 100’s of 1000’s of innocent men, women and children who have been slaughtered as a direct consequence of the British regimes foreign policy of occupation and torture, all under the guise of freedom and democracy and fighting terrorism.

To say that British soldiers are just doing their job and carry no blame is an insult to the intelligence of us all, after all there is no conscription in Britain today, many people have already conscientiously objected to being involved in this war against Islam and Muslims and if this excuse is acceptable then we could say the same for Nazi German soldiers i.e. that they were just doing their jobs! Indeed none of us would accept this excuse for our own fathers, mothers or family to be murdered i.e. the murderers were just doing their jobs! So why should we expect Muslims to react any differently when they are carpet bombed, tortured to death or suffer the consequences of weapons of mass destruction being used against them by the British and the Americans? Where is it written that Muslim blood is not real blood and that only the blood of the US and UK is sanctified?

The stark reality being faced by ordinary Muslims in Britain today is one of disproportionate Stop and search, imprisonment for thought crimes or holding placards, rendition to be tortured abroad, internment, daily vilification and being demonised in the media: in fact discrimination at every level within society from a biased police and biased CPS to racist Judges, local councillors and a crusader Government not to mention a foreign policy targeting our Muslim brothers and sisters. Add to this the worst housing, highest unemployment, the largest number of race attacks and murders in Europe and an open season to discriminate further as we have seen with the banning of minarets in Switzerland and the Burqa ban debacle in France, Belgium and now in Britain. To remain silent and to accept this blatant oppression is clearly not an option for any Muslim. In fact every Muslim has a duty to forbid the evil which they witness and to enjoin good in its place even if it sometimes means drawing attention to their cause by burning poppies and refusing to be silent.

Muslims in the UK demand that the crusader British regime immediately withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, to stop supporting the pirate state of Israel, stop torturing or supporting the torture of Muslims as has been authenticated, in places such as Bagram air base and Guantanamo Bay and via rendition procedures and to release all Muslim hostages including Sheikh Abu Qatada and Sheikh Khalid Al-Fawwaz (the latter being held for over 12 years in a British jail without charge) etc… as these are some of the most prominent and open crimes being committed against Muslims.

The long term solution of course does not rest on continuing with the failure of man made law, where human beings decide, according to their own whims and desires what is right and wrong and what the boundaries of acceptable behaviour are. Rather the only one who can shape a society where all oppression is eradicated is one arranged by God i.e. Allah the creator and commander for us all. In other words the only solution for the rotten fruits of man made law, epitomised by Democracy and Freedom, is the beauty and justice of divine law i.e. the Shari’ah and Islam as brought to us via the final Messenger to mankind Muhammad (saw) and the Qur’an.

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Mr Anjem Choudary

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  1. Dr Emerson,
    I am totally saddened, but not totally amazed, that you would allow such drivel on your blog.

    This specimen is a traitor in our midst and to give it added publicity is to compound that treason.

    I remain in protest,
    C Poulter.

  2. My view differs from that of the esteemed poster C.Poulter. I agree that Choudray is a traitor, but I wish to understand our enemies and their logic. This post helps with this task. When (if?) we are able to cleanse our nation it is important that we remember such people and the things they have been allowed to say and do against us, by our true enemies - those who brought them here.
    We must know these things, so that we may forensically identify those responsible and assure they are dealt with in a suitable manner.

  3. Then, Mr Poulter, you've obviously never heard of the maxim, "Know thine enemy".

    Mr Choudary, while wrong about many things, is at least right that our troops should leave Afghanistan.

    As nationalists we welcome the light of public debate, and have nothing to fear from the truth.

    It is the Establishment traitors, their immigrant clients, and foreign paymasters, who fear the truth, and with good reason.