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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

But who will bell the cat, Griffin?

Recently I, along with others, have become concerned at the way the party is being run, especially regarding finances and the fact that non-members have such power within the party. Over the years I have donated large sums of money to the BNP in Scotland and down south. I did this, not for glory or recognition but, like all BNP members, I wanted to help our country and I was in a position to give a bit more than others. Friends of mine, also with commitment to the BNP also gave generously at fund raisers etc. I find it unacceptable that the party is now in such dire straits financially. Also, like others, I am unconvinced of the findings of the Financial Scrutiny Committee.

I will no longer support the British National Party in any financial way in its current state. It is akin to being trapped with a nest of vipers.

Walter Hamilton
Former Glasgow Organizer, BNP

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