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Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Don't trouble me with facts - I've made up my mind"

Quite an amusing item, Don't Panic! Everything's Fine On Planet Griffin!, posted recently on the LUAF blog, has been forwarded to me:

http://lancasteruaf.blogspot.com/2010/10/dont-panic-everythings-fine-on-planet.html .

Its contents need to be verified, bearing in mind it comes from an “anti-fascist” source, but from other information recently received from various sources, it would appear to be substantially true. I think it’s worth a read.

I have also been sent copies of the letter from the BNP offering its creditors “20p in the £1 for full and final settlement” of what they are owed. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that some small(ish) firms existing on a knife edge of credit in this current recession — like a printer in the North-East who is owed £16,000+ — could be put out of business and many decent people made redundant.

So much for integrity and “British Jobs for British Workers”!

Those who still need proof that BNP chairman Nick Gri££in is corrupt trash, and an imposter, should consider the following:

At the time that Gri££in and his business manager Jim Dow$on were sending out what they thought was a confidential letter to the party’s creditors offering them one-fifth of what they are owed — which is an admission that the party is insolvent and unlikely to be able to continue in existence — they were also frantically pumping out e-mails to party members and supporters offering them “Life Membership” at the never-to-be-repeated reduced rate of £350 instead of £500.

How can it be honest to induce patriots to part with hundreds of pounds for “Life Membership” of a party without giving them essential information about whether the party is likely to survive the next few months, let alone for the rest of their lives?

Political parties are not categorised in law as companies but as “unincorporated associations”. This does not, I am advised by a barrister, make all members of the BNP “jointly and severally liable” for the party debts (alleged to be £600,000+ and rising), but it does put Gri££in and other senior party officials who concluded contracts on behalf of the party in the frame for bankruptcy proceedings.

Whatever is finally decided by M’Learned Friends concerning who, in addition to Gri££in, is liable for these huge debts, all members — especially those who have been or are in process of being duped into buying “Life Membership” — should have been advised immediately the party became insolvent, and sent copies of the letter to creditors offering the “20p in the £” to settle party debts now in excess of £600,000 (and rising!). So please circulate this bulletin to all your contacts in the BNP as soon as you have read it.

Martin Webster
Former National Activities Organiser, National Front

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