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Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Are you with me!"

No sooner had I completed the above, when into my In Box popped Gri££in’s latest toe-curling begging letter dated 2 November 2010, concerning his “David and Goliath battle” in the High Court against the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights, due to take place early next week.

I hope any who receive the hysterical screed remember (or if newcomers to the Cause, are made aware) that it comes from the man who....

(a) Told the BBC Radio 4’s World at One in 2003: “Repatriation is unfeasible and inhumane ..... Britain can take a little ‘salt in the soup’.” Since he said that, London and other major cities have reached the point of having a population of which approaching 50% are not indigenous Britons. What indigenous Britons are now facing is not a matter of mere population ‘seasoning’, but the deliberate infliction of a policy of ethnic cleansing upon them.

(b) Allowed the BNP’s Voice of Freedom paper (Editor: Martin Wingfield) to run a story about a BNP local official saying how proud he was to have an African as a son-in-law. The report was accompanied by a photo showing the silly old fool hugging the coal black, dreadlock-decorated Zimbabwean tribesman who was going to sire his grandchildren.

(c) Cultivated contacts with the Sikh community (N.B.: They’ve got loads of dosh!).

(d) Ditto, the Jewish community. BNP officials to attend Holocaust Day wreath-layings; grovelling letters were sent to the Jewish Chronicle; cringing articles appeared in party publications, and much more besides.

All this was designed to ingratiate Gri££in and the BNP into the good books of the media and the Establishment by showing that he had “modernised” the party, which now accepted the multi-racial society, racial integration, the production of mixed-race children (the ‘salt’ in our ‘soup’!) and was desperately keen to get on good terms with Jewry.

In the face of all that BNP ‘modernising’ propaganda, how can the ‘Equalities’ people be blamed for taking seriously his apparent desire to create a multi-racial BNP? After all, leaders of the ‘Modernist’ faction which propelled Gri££in into the leadership of the BNP in 1999 had long urged on him the need for the party to ‘take the plunge’ on multi-racial membership, along with a cuddle-up to Zionist-Jewry.

If ever Eddy Butler becomes BNP leader, he will probably continue, or even strengthen Gri££in’s multi-racial, pro-Jewish, policies. Let Butler deny this if he will. But he won’t. He’ll keep quiet and let Gri££in be the lightning-rod for members’ rage.

It is conceivable that the Commission launched the law case to make the BNP change its “racist” membership admission rules as a method both of testing Gri££in’s sincerity and providing him with a device to spare his blushes and confound any remaining “racist diehards” in the party by being able to say: “This is not my decision. It was imposed by a court order”.

But instead of picking up the Commission’s ball and running with it (directly to a cheap touchdown settlement before a costly legal scrum commenced), he fumbled and dropped the ball — just as he has fumbled and bungled the management of a whole raft of other legal actions brought by companies (for copyright theft or unpaid debts) and sundry party ex-employees whom he had sacked contrary to employment law.

To this day we cannot be certain whether Gri££in....

1) sincerely bought into the ‘postmodern’, multi-racial, pro-Jewish transformation of the BNP; or

2) regarded it as “a cunning plan” to sneak into power by means of a trick; or

3) has become so cynical that he regards policies and strategies as things to distract fools while he concentrates on the really important job of relieving them of their money.

Guess where I am inclined to place my bet!

Whatever — he is where he is. It is the place where all unprincipled opportunist-careerist politicians should end up.

I do not take Gri££in’s situation as evidence that there is, after all, a God. Let’s keep a sense of proportion! But if I were to live to see Tony Blair in the same situation ..... well that would be another matter!

Martin Webster

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