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Monday, 16 May 2011

Green Arrow writes of Richard Edmonds

Acknowledgements to the British Resistance web site for the following article.

Focus on British Patriots - Richard Edmonds BNP

Written by Green Arrow

Monday, 16 May 2011 12:07

Given that Richard Edmonds has announced that he will be standing as a leadership challenger against Nick Griffin MEP for leadership of the British National Party, I thought it time that we learned a little bit more about this veteran patriot.

And there is no doubt about it, Richard is a real veteran of the Nationalist cause and has paid a heavy price for his patriotism. He became involved in Nationalist politics back in the very early 70's, when he joined the National Front under the leadership of one of nationalisms greatest heroes, John Tyndall and served in numerous roles including the head of their youth section.

In 1982, Richard was a founder member of the British National Party that was formed by John Tyndall where he became Deputy Leader and also caretaker of the party whilst John Tyndall was imprisoned for his political beliefs and for his attempts to warn the true British People of what was coming and has now arrived in Our Country.

Accused by The Establishment Media of being a controversial figure - if you consider telling the truth to be controversial - Richard has been pilloried for questioning history and arrested for smashing a statue of the infamous South African terrorist Nelson Mandela.

Richard was one of the first British Patriots to pay the price of losing his job because of his political beliefs, when, after giving an interview to two, so called, journalists, they betrayed his trust and published an article containing the name of the company Richard worked for. Richard, who holds a First Class Honours University Degree in Electronic Engineering, as well as a Master's in Mathematics (some knuckle-dragger!), was then subsequently dismissed from his position and deprived of his livelihood.

Whilst holding the position of National Organiser for the BNP, Richard was forced to resign in 1999 after Nick Griffin deposed John Tyndall and became leader of the party. Remaining loyal to Mr Tyndall, Richard became a regular contributor to JT's magazine, Spearhead.

At a packed conference held on the 15th of May (full report with video to follow), Richard was officially announced to be a candidate in the BNP Leadership challenge and will now be collecting names for the nomination process which I believe starts in July. You can read an intial report on the conference over on the New Leadership site.

England and Wales in unity
In the image Richard, on the left, is seen with Cllr Kevin Edwards, the Llandybie councillor. Kevin Edwards, it is remembered, resigned the BNP whip after becoming outraged at the violent actions of certain BNP activists who have brought shame on the name of British Nationalism and Nick Griffin's refusal to take action against them. A decision that had a fatal impact on the Welsh Assembly elections. You can read more about that on Kevin's site.

Personally speaking, Richard could do no better than consider Cllr Edwards as his running mate should he require one. Kevin has certainly proven his courage and commitment to nationalism and is very well respected in Wales.

This site is pleased to announce that Mr Edmonds has agreed to speak in our paltalk room in the very near future. More to follow in due course.

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